Esther Shaw



This luxury beach resort was devastated by the 2005 tsunami. Now it’s back and better than ever

30 September

NOT so long ago, Brisbane was little more than the country cousin to Sydney and Melbourne, and the gateway to Surfers Paradise [...]

3 October

IT’S a hot and humid afternoon in Nadi on the Fijian mainland as we squash into the rather intimate 14-seater plane that is [...]

4 October

A BRILLIANT meeting of East and West, it offers an unforgettable introduction to the Orient, and is the perfect place to explore [...]

16 August

THE long-standing debate over whether those planning for retirement should pay as much as they can into their pension or make [...]

21 May

WITH Child Trust Funds (CTF) turning five this month, families are being urged to view this anniversary as an opportunity to [...]

30 April

THE Liwa Desert is in the area known as the Empty Quarter, and is the largest uninterrupted stretch of desert in the world. This [...]

1 March

THERE’S no getting away from the fact that it takes a long time to get to the Cook Islands. Located between Samoa, Fiji and [...]

11 January

E ARLY morning in Kenya, Kilimanjaro is on the horizon, and we were driving across the dusty plains past the red-robed herdsmen [...]

5 October

THE high cost of a pint of beer used to mean that Iceland was out of bounds for all but the most well-heeled traveller. But the [...]

10 August

BEACHES are what the Caribbean does best, and you’ll struggle to top the postcard perfection of Pink Sands in the Bahamas. [...]

22 June

IT’S not often you get to stand in an over-sized shower in a deluxe hotel room watching elephants grazing in the distance through [...]

18 May