Elena Shalneva


Elena Shalneva is a communications consultant and non-executive director.

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Until now, the #MeToo movement has bothered me more than it inspired me. [...]

20 December

Jamie sends an email: “Afternoon Elena, wondering if my offer to chat with [a well-known tech company] tickled your fancy?” [...]

22 November

A few weeks ago, Tinder announced a new chat feature. [...]

17 October

This article is the product of profound irritation. [...]

27 September

Does it drive you mad when people don’t answer your questions directly? The Prime Minister is the indisputable master of the [...]

21 July

I received a press release the other day, which claims that half of the office workers in London are unproductive for up to an [...]

6 July

I always thought Cordelia would make an excellent HR and talent development manager. This job description, for example, was simply [...]

14 June

One evening two years ago, LinkedIn sent me this message: “Klaus viewed your profile 11 times today”. As Klaus’s LinkedIn [...]

22 May

Have you seen a memo that Steve Harvey, the star comedian and host of the eponymous US talk show, had sent to his studio staff? [...]

16 May
4 May

Unless you were taking a break from the internet for the past two days, you would have come across a video of an elderly man [...]

12 April

I have a confession to make: I don’t like reading books about consumer culture. [...]

9 March

Thanks to my friends, I discover some outstanding TV drama from time to time. Like Lost, for example, or the first three seasons [...]

24 February

To this day, my first accounting class remains my most vivid memory of Insead. [...]

16 February