Donata Huggins



OVER 60 per cent of people admit that they are not engaged at work, according to a Towers Perrin/Gallup poll. Chris Barez-Brown, [...]

6 July

IT’S the perennial Monday morning question: “What did you do over the weekend?” And in most offices: “Erm, not much,” [...]

4 July

JK ROWLING hit the headlines last week when she scuppered Apple and Amazon by taking her books into the digital world on her [...]

27 June

WITH luxury property developer Yoo launching two new developments in Moscow this year, buying a home in Russia’s booming financial [...]

24 June


24 June


24 June

A TUC survey showed that a quarter of all long-term relationships in the UK started at work. Hardly surprising, given most of [...]

23 June

EVERYTHING about trading is different when you have your own money on the line,” says IG Markets’ David Jones. “Far too [...]

21 June

IMAGINATION Technologies reports its earnings on Wednesday, but it has got off to a bad start this week, plunging some 8 per [...]

21 June

LUKE Johnson is a man who takes a while to introduce. He seems to have run, or had his hand in running, half of the middle-class [...]

20 June

COLIN Ellis, the chief economist at the BVCA, has been working in the City for over 15 years. He had always lived in London, [...]

17 June

OVER 60 per cent of people confess to not being engaged by their work, and 30 per cent of employees feel their strengths would [...]

16 June

WE USED to work in media buying so we know what makes media owners tick,” Henry Rowe tells me. He and his business partner [...]

13 June

FORGET yachts, successful City boys and girls will be cruising to work on boats in the years to come. Marinas are springing up [...]

10 June

THERE were a whopping 9.8m working days lost to stress last year, according to research by the Health and Safety Executive. That’s [...]

9 June