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These are articles written by professionals for investment professionals. They are contributions from external subject matter experts who do not work for CFA Institute, but may be a CFA charterholder as well as a member of a CFA Society. All are experts in their field and strive to deliver useful insights that help investment professionals make better decisions.


BlackRock is aggressively launching products with high environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings. The New York City-headquartered [...]

12 March

‘The only source of knowledge is experience’ - this quote, attributed to Albert Einstein, could be used to frustrate ambitious [...]

19 February

A technological advance can impact — even transform — the global economy let alone a particular sector. [...]

7 February

In the 1990s, the skill-set required by asset management professionals was vastly different. The investment universe consisted [...]

25 January

The fact that the asset management business is lagging behind many other industries on diversity and inclusion is not news. Last [...]

18 December

This webinar will provide advice on how to return to the financial services industry after a career break or relaunch a career [...]

6 December

The Italian government is defying the European Commission’s request that it revise its draft budget for 2019 to reduce the [...]

16 November

The global payments industry is dramatically improving due to technology. Mobile has changed everything. Payments are getting [...]

17 October

When many financial professionals are asked about the importance of learning programming languages, they usually respond with [...]

4 October

Appreciation is a greatly under-utilised tool in the leader’s toolkit. The simple act of appreciating your staff will pay huge [...]

6 September

Empathetic listening means paying attention in a caring manner. It encompasses compassion, feeling, insight, and emotional identification [...]

24 August

Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa and the 24th largest in the world: The country is buzzing with creative energy but continues [...]

13 August

What do you do if you personally view, experience, or even strongly suspect that your company has undertaken an activity or endorses [...]

18 May

If you are planning a conversation with someone at work regarding a sensitive ethical issue, there are ways to discuss the topic [...]

10 May

Now, more than ever, the millions of people working in financial services globally are uncertain about their future. Traditional [...]

3 May