Ben Griffiths



FREEZING weather, heavy snow and iced-up roads may have given many Londoners the perfect excuse to avoid work yesterday but thankfully [...]

7 January
5 January

AS the year draws to a close thoughts are inevitably turning to the City’s prospects in 2010, a year which will feature economic [...]

18 December

You know the feeling. It’s two days before Christmas and there is a creeping sense of dread threatening to ruin your festive [...]

18 December

BRITISH Gas was this week attempting to make a virtue of accuracy in its billing systems with a series of newspaper advertisements [...]

26 November

ANYBODY with even a passing interest in Formula One motor racing will have seen the Fairmont Monte Carlo hotel, although they [...]

17 November

AN insurer talking to accountants may not sound like much of a crowd-drawer in the traditional sense. But when Lord Levene, chairman [...]

12 November

BRITAIN’S asset management industry and the government will today outline how they will work together to both retain business [...]

9 November

SEX and the City. Why is it that the phrase slips so easily off the tongue? Long before Candace Bushnell wrote her tales of single [...]

5 November

PAUL MUMFORD CAVENDISH AM“The agreement to limit cash bonuses at both banks is evidently a political gesture rather than [...]

4 November

SOARING at almost 10,000 feet above East Anglia in a jet aircraft, the view of the coast and out to sea never fails to amaze [...]

2 November

THE chief executive of defence research business Qinetiq, Graham Love, stood down yesterday – a day after the company was heavily [...]

30 October

XAVIER Rolet, chief executive of the London Stock Exchange (LSE), is looking to rekindle some of the fun and excitement of share [...]

29 October

MERRILL Lynch. Lehman Brothers. HBOS. These three once mighty institutions were among the big-name banks we set out to cultivate [...]

23 October

THE surge of retail investors rushing back to equities in recent months has become a flood since London’s benchmark FTSE 100 [...]

8 October