Ben Griffiths



WHISPER it quietly or you may be beaten to the chase, but the City is suffering a shortage of candidates for good jobs – a [...]

15 April

ARE institutional shareholders finally getting tougher with the companies in which they invest? Investors have taken their share [...]

8 April

QUOTED companies outside London’s FTSE 350 have rarely faced such challenging times. Equity markets are fragmenting while regulations [...]

1 April

IN these difficult economic times wealthy individuals have become intensely focused on wealth preservation, circling the wagons [...]

19 March

WHAT does bribery mean to you? How about corruption? Is greasing palms an essential part of doing business or an illegal and [...]

5 March

THE shift in investors’ attitudes towards private equity has been stark, with the relationship in some cases approaching complete [...]

25 February

THE keenly anticipated flood of initial public offerings slated for early 2010 has failed to materialise as investors become [...]

19 February

THE number of opportunities for graduates remains in decline, but not by as much as previously expected. And for those hoping [...]

11 February

A RETURN to buoyancy for private equity could be just around the corner following a flurry of deals that promises to give new [...]

4 February

BRIBERY and corruption is big business. Just ask a lawyer. With anti-bribery legislation passing through Parliament, a raft of [...]

29 January

THE NEXT round in the protracted battle to reinstall Oliver Whitehead as chairman of Minerva is set to take place in early March [...]

26 January

ABBEY National, Rover, Corus. Just three Great British companies that have fallen prey to foreign predators in recent years. [...]

21 January

ASK any market participant where they stand on insider trading and you’re likely to be met with an awkward silence – particularly [...]

14 January