Anna Edwards



IT’S a gloomy business being gloomy and it gets me down. Markets may have risen substantially since the market low in March [...]

25 July

Equity markets have been caught in a gloomy place for much of May. Despite some gung-ho risk-on days, the overall trend for risk [...]

31 May

THE past week has seen global equity markets, especially in the US, boosted by better than expected corporate earnings.

3 May

THE oil price is all that matters to markets right now, making many assets difficult to value. So much is unknown about the state [...]

28 February

INTEREST rates may still be at all time lows in the developed world but inflation is the only story in town for much of the emerging [...]

17 January

Ihave spent the past week in Eastern Europe trying to learn something about the right way to impose fiscal austerity. The region [...]

22 November

FAR BE it for me to ruin your Monday but I am starting to get a bad feeling about emerging markets. Let me put that in context. [...]

11 October

WHEN is a bank holiday not a bank holiday? When you are an M&A banker and your business is picking up again after years in [...]

31 August

THE debt spotlight seems to be panning across the Atlantic from Europe to the United States. The Congressional Budget Office [...]

2 August

I am feeling a little gloomy. I started this sovereign debt crisis looking on the bright side but now I have been got at. So [...]

7 June

A WEEK after the big Brussels bailout and its huge impact is becoming increasingly obvious. This time last week we watched in [...]

17 May

NOW stay with me on this one – sometimes, insights into the financial markets come from unlikely sources. In my case, I was [...]

12 April

M&A teams in investment banks all over London must be salivating at the prospect of a wave of new deals. Acquisitions are [...]

15 March

THE TERM double-dip is over-used; our viewers always get upset with us if we refer to it too often. But where is this cycle going? [...]

8 February