Andrew Lilico


Andrew Lilico is executive director at Europe Economics.


Europe (including the UK) has 7 per cent of the world’s population, but 30 per cent of its trade and 30 per cent of its foreign [...]

24 October

Whether because of the enthusiasm of its football commentators or interest in its EEA arrangement as a model for post-Brexit [...]

1 August

In March 2013, we made a bet via Twitter on what would happen to UK inflation as the economy started to recover. Andrew bet that, [...]

14 October

THE EUROPEAN Central Bank (ECB) has cut its main interest rate to 0.15 per cent, and imposed an interest rate charge of 0.1 per [...]

5 June

THE UK economy is going gangbusters, and has been doing so for about a year. GDP in the first three months of 2014 was up a solid [...]

29 April

FOUR key things strike me about the 2014 Budget. First, George Osborne stuck to his plan. Osborne’s Budgets will be remembered [...]

19 March

SHELL, Lloyds and Barclays have joined Standard Life and Sainsbury’s in warning about the consequences for their businesses [...]

6 March

IN RESPONSE to Russian forces entering the Crimea, the interim Ukrainian government called for UK and US intervention, invoking [...]

3 March

WHETHER it is best for Ukraine to split, or the UK to join the emerging Single European State, or Catalonia to leave Spain, or [...]

24 February

AT A recent meeting of the Shadow Monetary Policy Committee, I was debating with Capital Economics’s Roger Bootle whether interest [...]

13 February

AT THE European Central Bank (ECB) press conference yesterday, Mario Draghi was asked whether the Eurozone is tipping into deflation [...]

7 February

ED MILIBAND appears to be in the process of reinventing the Labour Party as the consumer party. His central theme is the “cost [...]

20 January

FOR A given level of inflation, an economy has an “equilibrium” real interest rate. For around 125 years, it has been understood [...]

10 January

ACCOMPANYING the Autumn Statement, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) upgraded expected growth for 2013 to 1.4 per cent [...]

6 December

FINANCIAL regulation becomes ever more onerous, as it chases its own tail. More and more, regulation mandates “best advice”, [...]

28 November