Allister Heath

Allister Heath
Allister Heath

Allister Heath was Editor of City A.M. for six years up until June 2014.

Wednesday 07 August 2013
ED BALLS and the Labour party have a big problem. The British economy is recovering, despite the coalition’s relatively modest cuts, and the public is increasingly supportive of reducing public spending.
Wednesday 31 July 2013
THERE are three ways we can organise banking.
Tuesday 30 July 2013
ONE OF Britain’s great advantages is that we are meant to be a much more entrepreneurial nation than most of our major competitors.
Monday 29 July 2013
THIS column has long highlighted the massive bubble in the global bond markets and the horrific, systemic risk it poses to the global recovery and financial system.
Friday 26 July 2013
FOR ONCE, economists managed to predict exactly yesterday’s second quarter GDP growth figures of 0.6 per cent. Such statistics should be treated extremely carefully: they are inevitably revised, sometimes dramatically.
Thursday 25 July 2013
BARRING an astonishing shock, today’s second quarter UK GDP figures will be good.
Wednesday 24 July 2013
COULD the financial markets be about to have a heart attack? The reason I ask is a terrifying little document that has just landed on my desk.
Tuesday 23 July 2013
SO it is a boy, a Prince and our future King. It’s wonderful news for his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, to whom we send our heartfelt congratulations; and an important moment for the country.
Monday 22 July 2013
BRITAIN’S housing market is broken: inane planning rules mean that not enough new homes are being built.
Friday 19 July 2013
IT’S called the law of supply and demand, a basic concept that Labour and coalition politicians sometimes find difficult to grasp. If you try to mess with it, it ends up biting you, and hard.
Thursday 18 July 2013
THERE is no better way to get depressed than to study the Office for Budget Responsibility’s long-term forecasts for the British economy.
Wednesday 17 July 2013
GOOD intentions are never enough – and in most cases, they don’t even matter.
Tuesday 16 July 2013
IT is time for the banker-bashers to rejoice – and for the rest of us to count the costs of the bloodbath in the City.
Monday 15 July 2013
IF small businesses are the future, then London’s place at the heart of the British economy is assured.
Friday 12 July 2013
BRITAIN is sleep-walking towards the state financing of political parties.
Thursday 11 July 2013
MANY of the people who deliver our parcels now work for private firms, so the idea of private posties is no longer a novelty.
Wednesday 10 July 2013
ONE reason why some trains are running late is, apparently, that we are facing the wrong kind of hot weather. It’s pathetic – but sadly hardly a unique problem for this country.
Tuesday 09 July 2013
IT is obvious that somebody zig-zagging across traffic at 95mph in central London is driving recklessly and endangering lives.
Monday 08 July 2013
HE DID it, he did it – and a euphoric nation roared with delight, celebrating a moment many of us feared would never happen and a new, 26-year old national hero. A Brit is Wimbledon champion, and this is real life, not a Hollywood rom-com.
Friday 05 July 2013
FOR some reason, many people simply cannot accept that high rates of tax discourage work and effort, damage the economy, reduce jobs and make all of us poorer.
Thursday 04 July 2013
TODAY is Mark Carney’s first vote on monetary policy.
Wednesday 03 July 2013
TAX avoidance is the root of all evil, a shameful practice to be stamped out – unless the government promotes it, in which case it is a very good thing and the answer to all of the UK’s problems.
Tuesday 02 July 2013
ANYBODY who works in financial markets, or who has ever visited an actual market, knows about the law of one price.
Monday 01 July 2013
IT is often said that Britain doesn’t do revolutions.
Friday 28 June 2013
GIVEN the certainty that interest rates will eventually shoot up, plus the massive black hole in most people’s retirement plans, you might expect that the Great British public would be putting more money aside for a rainy day.