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Allister Heath
Allister Heath

Allister Heath is Editor of City A.M., the daily business newspaper distributed in and around London and digitally. Under his editorship, the paper, which has now grown to an audited print circulation of 128,781 copies per day, has become an influential voice in London's business community. Heath's trenchant daily column in the paper covers economics, finance, politics, geopolitics, business strategy and other subjects and has gathered an increasingly large following.

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Thursday 06 June 2013
TIMING, as they say, is everything. If you are interested in the short-term, and agree with John Maynard Keynes, not my favourite economist, that we are all dead in the long run, now is the time to turn bullish. Growth is returning.
Wednesday 05 June 2013
IT is a fallacy that has existed ever since the rise of commercial economies. France’s culture minister Aurélie Filippetti repeated it again yesterday, blaming Amazon for wiping out small independent bookshops.
Tuesday 04 June 2013
WHAT are we waiting for?
Monday 03 June 2013
IT'S MONDAY, dear readers, so here are two reasons to worry. Let's start with the least obvious: Britain's listed firms are doing far less well as a group, when assessed properly, than most people seem to think.
Friday 31 May 2013
FOR once, goodish news for the City – or at least a development that is significantly less bad than previously feared.
Thursday 30 May 2013
TODAY is tax freedom day in the UK – the day that you start to work for yourself, rather than for the government.
Wednesday 22 May 2013
TO say that Britain is slow on the uptake is an understatement of enormous proportions, especially when it comes to our ridiculous energy policy.
Tuesday 21 May 2013
THERE is a strange feeling in parts of the City, one that feels suspiciously like euphoria. No wonder: the stock market keeps going up, with the FTSE 100 hitting its highest level since 2000 yesterday.
Monday 20 May 2013
IF you want to know why a wealth tax should not be adopted in Britain, look no further than France.
Friday 17 May 2013
IS THERE something badly wrong with our absurdly complex and loophole-ridden tax system? Yes. Should it be reformed and simplified to minimise avoidance? Yes.
Thursday 16 May 2013
ZERO per cent. Yes, that’s right, a big fat zero: that was the rate by which total pay went up in the private sector in the first three months of the year, compared with the first quarter of 2012.
Wednesday 15 May 2013
IT is not just in Britain that there is growing disenchantment with the European Union. Support for the project has also collapsed across Europe, in large part as a result of the recession and Eurozone crisis.
Tuesday 14 May 2013
ONE of my favourite political leaflets of recent years was produced by the Liberal Democrats.
Monday 13 May 2013
IF you want to see how Britain has changed since the 1970s, look no further than our attitudes to entrepreneurship.
Friday 10 May 2013
DON’T BECOME too excited, but far from facing a fresh recessionary dip, the UK economy is growing again. It remains too soon to be sure, but the economy may even have turned a corner, moving from stagnation to a phase of feeble expansion.
Thursday 09 May 2013
SO was that it, then? When it comes to measures affecting our ailing economy at least, the coalition’s programme unveiled by the Queen yesterday can only be described as yet another damp squib.
Wednesday 08 May 2013
FOR the first time ever, the Dow Jones has closed above 15,000, in a major boost for investors everywhere.
Tuesday 07 May 2013
IT is a great shame that Ukip, which did spectacularly well in last week’s local elections, has ditched its long-standing commitment to a flat tax.
Friday 03 May 2013
CENTRAL banks are very good at damaging economies but much less so at mending them. Usually, the best thing that monetary policy can achieve is neutrality: to allow the private sector to conduct its business while enjoying monetary stability.
Thursday 02 May 2013
EACH time an American company like Apple, Google or Facebook releases its results, I cannot help but wonder why Britain isn’t better at producing our own home-grown tech firms.
Wednesday 01 May 2013
DREADFUL, appalling, horrible – that is the only way the latest unemployment figures for the Eurozone, now at a record 12.1 per cent, can be described. There are 19.2m jobseekers in the currency area, the population of a medium sized country.
Tuesday 30 April 2013
ECONOMICS is at its best when it tears into the received wisdom. Take the almost universal view that money doesn’t buy happiness, and that millionaires are just as likely to be miserable as the rest of us. Guess what – it’s nonsense.
Monday 29 April 2013
MEMO to the political class: your electorate doesn’t believe you are spending their money wisely.
Friday 26 April 2013
PERHAPS it was the wonderful sunshine, or the fact that everybody is so desperate for good news, but sterling jumped when it was announced that the economy had apparently grown by 0.3 per cent in the first quarter.
Thursday 25 April 2013
IF THE penny hadn’t already dropped, it is now clear for all to see that Britain’s banking policy is in disarray.