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Allister Heath
Allister Heath

Allister Heath is Editor of City A.M., the daily business newspaper distributed in and around London and digitally. Under his editorship, the paper, which has now grown to an audited print circulation of 128,781 copies per day, has become an influential voice in London's business community. Heath's trenchant daily column in the paper covers economics, finance, politics, geopolitics, business strategy and other subjects and has gathered an increasingly large following.

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Wednesday 10 July 2013
ONE reason why some trains are running late is, apparently, that we are facing the wrong kind of hot weather. It’s pathetic – but sadly hardly a unique problem for this country.
Tuesday 09 July 2013
IT is obvious that somebody zig-zagging across traffic at 95mph in central London is driving recklessly and endangering lives.
Monday 08 July 2013
HE DID it, he did it – and a euphoric nation roared with delight, celebrating a moment many of us feared would never happen and a new, 26-year old national hero. A Brit is Wimbledon champion, and this is real life, not a Hollywood rom-com.
Friday 05 July 2013
FOR some reason, many people simply cannot accept that high rates of tax discourage work and effort, damage the economy, reduce jobs and make all of us poorer.
Thursday 04 July 2013
TODAY is Mark Carney’s first vote on monetary policy.
Wednesday 03 July 2013
TAX avoidance is the root of all evil, a shameful practice to be stamped out – unless the government promotes it, in which case it is a very good thing and the answer to all of the UK’s problems.
Tuesday 02 July 2013
ANYBODY who works in financial markets, or who has ever visited an actual market, knows about the law of one price.
Monday 01 July 2013
IT is often said that Britain doesn’t do revolutions.
Friday 28 June 2013
GIVEN the certainty that interest rates will eventually shoot up, plus the massive black hole in most people’s retirement plans, you might expect that the Great British public would be putting more money aside for a rainy day.
Thursday 27 June 2013
There was some good stuff in yesterday’s spending review by the chancellor, as well as some all too predictable disappointments. But first, the big picture, which sadly too few people will focus on.
Wednesday 26 June 2013
EVERYBODY, including individuals, pressure groups, consumer lobbies, taxpayers, companies, even banks, should have the right to make their case to elected officials if they don’t like a proposed new law. That’s democracy.
Tuesday 25 June 2013
WHEN markets turn, their speed and ferociousness can be awe-inspiring. Take the equity markets: in just 23 working days, the FTSE 100 has lost 846 points, collapsing from 6,875 on 22 May to 6,029.10 yesterday.
Monday 24 June 2013
MOST international economic agencies are pretty useless  sinecures for people more interested in climbing the greasy pole of the global establishment than in thinking for themselves.
Friday 21 June 2013
WHEN you remove a drunk’s supply of alcohol, they tend to get very tetchy very quickly.
Thursday 20 June 2013
LISTENING to George Osborne at the Mansion House dinner last night, surrounded by the great and the good of the City, it was glaringly obvious why Stephen Hester (who wasn’t there) is leaving RBS.
Wednesday 19 June 2013
TODAY’S voluminous report from the Banking Commission is a strange beast, as awful in parts as it is excellent in others, a direct product of the incompatible views forced to coexist on the committee that drafted it.
Tuesday 18 June 2013
REMEMBER all those people who, just a few months ago, were proclaiming that mutuals were the answer, and had to be encouraged to improve the diversity of the UK banking system?
Monday 17 June 2013
A PLAGUE on all their houses: that is the least unkind way of describing what the electorate thinks of both Labour and the Tories.
Friday 14 June 2013
IMAGINE, dear reader, that grocery prices had increased at the same rate as house prices since 1971, a frightening thought for a Friday morning.
Thursday 13 June 2013
ON the face of it, the rationale given for Stephen Hester’s departure from RBS is plausible.
Wednesday 12 June 2013
COULD this be the big one, the start of a massive, seismic shift in the financial markets as the bond bubble finally starts to burst, the crash that ushers in the next phase in the world economy’s uncertain journey?
Tuesday 11 June 2013
AS ever, the ancient Greeks and Romans got there before us; they couldn’t conceivably have dreamt of the internet, of the cloud or of National Security Agency (NSA) super-computers in Fort Meade, Maryland, in an as yet undiscovered continent, comb
Monday 10 June 2013
EVERY so often, an opportunity comes along to spread ownership and to build a society where the many, not just the few, own a stake in society. The forthcoming reprivatisation of Lloyds Banking Group and eventually of RBS is one such moment.
Friday 07 June 2013
WHEN Nathan Mayer Rothschild left the family home in Frankfurt in 1798, aged just 21, and moved to set up shop in England, it was Manchester he chose as his first base, establishing himself as a successful merchant.
Thursday 06 June 2013
TIMING, as they say, is everything. If you are interested in the short-term, and agree with John Maynard Keynes, not my favourite economist, that we are all dead in the long run, now is the time to turn bullish. Growth is returning.