Allister Heath

Allister Heath
Allister Heath

Allister Heath was Editor of City A.M. for six years up until June 2014.

Friday 27 September 2013
CORPORATE Britain has a big problem. It has lost the PR wars.
Thursday 26 September 2013
IF you want to understand why it is so vital for the UK to remain an open economy, look no further than our front page story on who now owns British firms.
Wednesday 25 September 2013
WE NOW know what Labour’s strategy to win the next election will be: shift to the left, bash business, stoke envy and jealousy, attack the City and come up with a raft of populist policies. It might even work.
Tuesday 24 September 2013
WHAT, exactly, does the Labour party think it is doing? It wants to hike – yes, hike – corporation tax if it is elected in 2015, the latest of a long list of utterly destructive policies unveiled in recent days.
Monday 23 September 2013
RULES are there to be broken in politics, like in everything else. It is often said, when discussing the UK, that there is no way the Conservatives can increase their share of the vote at the next general election.
Friday 20 September 2013
BRITAIN’S inability to expand our airport capacity is inevitably met with complete bafflement in other, more ambitious parts of the world.
Thursday 19 September 2013
FOR the junkies in the markets, the shock news that the Fed’s monetary methadone will continue to flow freely was greeted with jubilation last night.
Wednesday 18 September 2013
SOMETIMES I despair at this government’s inconsistencies, internal contradictions and intellectual incoherence.
Tuesday 17 September 2013
IT WAS pretty sickening, to say the least, to see so many investors cheer the prospect of even easier US monetary policy yesterday.
Monday 16 September 2013
FIVE years ago, like every Sunday night, I was in the City A.M. newsroom, supervising the production of the newspaper.
Friday 13 September 2013
COUNT on Twitter, that most modern of communication companies, to steal the thunder of the Royal Mail, an organisation founded by Henry VIII and now aiming to reinvent itself as a privatised, modern parcel delivery firm.
Thursday 12 September 2013
IT is the fact of the day: those who work in real estate accounted for 23.05 per cent of the net jobs growth in the UK over the past year.
Wednesday 11 September 2013
EVER since the nineteenth century, the leaders of businesses quoted on the stock exchange have bemoaned investors’ supposedly fickle nature, inability to understand their firms, general competence, and more recently, their relative youth and inexp
Tuesday 10 September 2013
WITH the economy finally growing much more quickly, it is no surprise that the chancellor chose yesterday to show off about it.
Monday 09 September 2013
THERE is a simple solution to the scandal that is currently engulfing the BBC, centering around the size and scope of payoffs to former staff and the implication that public money was squandered.
Boris Johnson gets into the spirit of things and raises a glass to all those in the City
Monday 09 September 2013
TODAY we kick off the countdown to this year’s City A.M. Awards with the first of the shortlists for an event that has rapidly established itself as a highpoint in the annual calendar.
Friday 06 September 2013
DON’T say you weren’t warned. The great bond market crash is upon us and it has further to go.
Thursday 05 September 2013
COULD Mark Carney’s luck have already run out? Given that he has only been governor of the Bank of England since July, it may sound churlish even to ask such a question.
Wednesday 04 September 2013
ECONOMISTS can be divided into two groups: the overly optimistic, and the overly pessimistic. Even less helpfully, they keep changing category, in tandem with the economic cycle.
Thursday 15 August 2013
MY column yesterday revealing that the French are building three times more homes than the British every year – an astonishing fact which highli
Wednesday 14 August 2013
THERE is a first time for everything. Today, I’m going to praise something about the French economy – well, sort of, at least.
Tuesday 13 August 2013
SORRY, but the fact that Greece collapsed at an annual rate of 4.6 per cent in the second quarter, rather than a little bit faster, isn’t good news. It’s terrible, awful, horrible news.
Monday 12 August 2013
QUOTAS are the enemy of meritocracy and have no place in public companies.
Friday 09 August 2013
IF THE UK economic rebound continues, the total amount of demand in the economy is likely to rise more strongly than most people realise.
Thursday 08 August 2013
ONCE again, I find myself in a minority. Most economists – and the overwhelming majority of commentators – are delighted with Mark Carney’s shake-up of monetary policy.