Allister Heath

Allister Heath
Allister Heath

Allister Heath was Editor of City A.M. for six years up until June 2014.

Tuesday 28 January 2014
HERE is how Labour’s misguided, punitive and anti-growth 50p tax plan could backfire almost immediately.
Monday 27 January 2014
WHEN governments don’t like something, they tax it. Hence why we have “sin” taxes on alcohol, tobacco and various forms of pollution.
Friday 24 January 2014
BORROWERS, relax; savers, tear your hair out. The Bank of England’s base rates will remain on hold; Mark Carney doesn’t “see an immediate need to change monetary policy.”
Thursday 23 January 2014
THIS is how the conversation kept going, until about six months ago. Pundit: Aren’t you worried that unemployment will rocket if we cut public spending?
Wednesday 22 January 2014
WOW. We knew that the pension crisis was bad – but in reality it’s even worse than that. The situation is catastrophic: the average pension pot is just £36,800, and many people have nothing at all.
Tuesday 21 January 2014
ONE last push – that is all that is needed for the UK stock market to finally bury the ghost of the bubble and bust.
Monday 20 January 2014
WITHOUT foreign investment, we would be toast. How many of you, dear readers, work for UK subsidiaries of foreign companies? Or for a business that relies significantly on overseas investors for its debt or equity financing?
Friday 17 January 2014
IT is a moral imperative for all politicians to seek to help those on low incomes. Poverty is a horrible, depressing, truly heart-breaking condition. But what is the best way to help the working poor?
Thursday 16 January 2014
BRITISH politics is so depressingly predictable.
Wednesday 15 January 2014
IT was Adam Smith, the great economist, who put it best. “There is a great deal of ruin in a nation”, he once explained, seeking to reassure a panicky young interlocutor.
Tuesday 14 January 2014
BRITAIN faces a major problem. We need to shrink our bloated, inefficient state while simultaneously improving our healthcare, pensions, infrastructure and the rest.
Monday 13 January 2014
ANOTHER day, another report providing yet more evidence that Britain’s housing crisis is getting worse. Countrywide estimates that England will face a shortfall of 1m homes by 2021, half of which will be in London and the South East.
Friday 10 January 2014
ECONOMISTS seem to lurch from one dangerous fad to another.
Thursday 09 January 2014
OUR pension system is broken.
Wednesday 08 January 2014
SELL, sell, sell – or so we must hope. With a bit of luck, the government is finally about to kick-start a massive and long-overdue sell-off of its vast estate.
Tuesday 07 January 2014
FRANCE is still France – and that, tragically, is why that great country and its wonderful people are doomed to decline further this year, and why even more successful French business folk, entrepreneurs and professionals will move to London over
Monday 06 January 2014
HAPPY New Year, dear readers, and welcome to our first edition of 2014.
Friday 13 December 2013
SLOWLY but surely, Britain is rebalancing its trade.
Thursday 12 December 2013
IT is time for our political establishment to get its act together and take the tough decisions this country needs. The case in favour of airport expansion is overwhelming.
Wednesday 11 December 2013
IT was Milton Friedman who put it best. There are four ways to spend money, he once wrote. You can spend your own cash on yourself – you have a great incentive to economise and get the best bang for your buck.
Tuesday 10 December 2013
THERE is a view, rather fashionable in economics at the moment, that the Western economies are facing long-term stagnation.
Monday 09 December 2013
REAL wages are still falling, on average, and nobody seems to know what to do about it. Even though the economy is growing, millions are seeing their incomes depressed by low nominal pay rises and highish inflation.
Friday 06 December 2013
THERE can be no doubt that this Winter Budget – as it should really have been called – was a great win for George Osborne. For the first time since around 2007, Britain is moving in the right, rather than the wrong, direction.
Thursday 05 December 2013
THERE has long been a debilitating tension at the heart of this government’s thinking on the economy.
Wednesday 04 December 2013
IT is not possible to put a positive spin on Britain’s results in the latest global education league tables: they reveal an appalling, shameful, tragic waste of talent. It is an embarrassing failure for a country that ought to be doing so much bet