Allister Heath

Allister Heath
Allister Heath

Allister Heath was Editor of City A.M. for six years up until June 2014.

Tuesday 04 March 2014
MORALITY and foreign policy make uneasy bedfellows. In 1997, when Tony Blair called for an ethical foreign policy, the country cheered; 17 years later, any politician calling for such idealism would be laughed out of town.
Monday 03 March 2014
THIS is the week Western foreign policy was finally exposed as a sham.
Friday 28 February 2014
THERE are two camps on migration. The first, to which the vast majority of the public belongs, believes that immigration into the UK is much too high. The second, much smaller group, is more liberal on this issue.
Thursday 27 February 2014
HOMEOWNERSHIP has just fallen to a 25-year low, which means that Britain’s once-vaunted ownership society is in deep trouble. This is very bad news indeed.
Wednesday 26 February 2014
ATTITUDES to having babies can tell us a lot about a country. In the UK, the recession went hand-in-hand with a baby-boom – and yet in the US it was accompanied by a collapse in the birth rate.
Tuesday 25 February 2014
SUPPLY and demand: remember them? If the demand for a good or service goes up, and its supply doesn’t increase as much, then prices go up. If supply increases, and demand doesn’t, prices go down.
Monday 24 February 2014
VLADIMIR Ilyich Lenin was a monster. He was a central theorist of communism, a key player in the Bolshevik revolution, a commissar, a leading instigator of the Red Terror and other massacres, and the first leader of the Soviet Union.
Friday 21 February 2014
BRITAIN is building again at last – or so the government would like us to believe.
Thursday 20 February 2014
THERE is one reason, above all others, why we should welcome the latest figures on the state of the jobs market. Yes, jobs are being created in vast numbers, and good ones for that matter.
Wednesday 19 February 2014
MORE Ferraris are now sold in the UK than in any other European country. No fewer than 677 of the Italian supercars were delivered to the UK, out of total global sales of 7,000, more even than Germany, home of autobahns with no speed limits.
Tuesday 18 February 2014
MONEY, money, money – there is much still to learn from Abba, the wonderful Swedish band, especially when it comes to economics. Take their garish outfits: the crazed hotpants, the white boots and the bizarre shirts.
Monday 17 February 2014
POLITICS is a nasty, brutish business - so I have no time for those Scottish nationalists who are now bleating about how badly they are being treated by the London and European establishments.
Friday 14 February 2014
THE gloves are finally off. The London political establishment’s message to Scotland is clear: stay in the UK, or lose the pound.
Thursday 13 February 2014
LET’S face it: monetary policy in the UK has become much harder to understand, in no small part because of Mark Carney’s botched forward guidance.
Wednesday 12 February 2014
MOST economists believe that the UK economy still boasts plenty of spare capacity, by which they mean that factories can still produce more, offices aren’t full, and plenty of people remain unemployed or underemployed.
Tuesday 11 February 2014
WHEN a private company messes up, it rightly gets pilloried. But when the public sector commits a blunder, even an enormous one, it all too often gets away with it.
Monday 10 February 2014
THERE are two kinds of Eurosceptics.
Friday 07 February 2014
THE penny is beginning to drop in boardrooms across the City. It is all too possible, though still not the most likely outcome, that the Scottish electorate will decide to vote to leave the UK.
Thursday 06 February 2014
BRITAIN has become dangerously reliant on a small-number of highly paid and wealthy individuals for its tax receipts.
Wednesday 05 February 2014
IT’S NOT time to panic about the global economy just yet. Yes, equity markets are in freefall left, right and centre but the situation is far from universally disastrous. Growth is slowing after a strong run but isn’t about to end.
Tuesday 04 February 2014
THE TORIES are in trouble. The latest daily opinion poll from YouGov (for The Sun) confirms yet again that the Labour party would easily win the General Election were it held tomorrow.
Monday 03 February 2014
BRITAIN’S economic debate has moved on.
Friday 31 January 2014
THERE can be no doubt that the UK’s economic picture has improved dramatically. Growth is back, employment is buoyant and optimism is returning.
Thursday 30 January 2014
ACTIONS always have consequences. If it votes for independence later this year, Scotland could theoretically introduce its own currency.
Wednesday 29 January 2014
IF you want to know what old fashioned, hard-core monetary policy used to look like – the kind that those readers who lived through the UK’s European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) humiliation will remember – look no further than what happened to T