Allister Heath

Allister Heath
Allister Heath

Allister Heath was Editor of City A.M. for six years up until June 2014.

Friday 16 May 2014
WE all know that London emerged from the crisis remarkably unscathed. But few realise just how well our great city has performed over the past 15 years, and how we have grown faster than almost all comparable metropolises since the recession.
Thursday 15 May 2014
INTEREST rates won’t be going up any time soon, even though the economy is now booming.
Wednesday 14 May 2014
WHAT a waste of time yesterday’s grilling of the bosses of Pfizer and Astrazeneca turned out to be. Many MPs made the most of the occasion to grandstand while displaying a shocking lack of understanding of how business works.
Tuesday 13 May 2014
TWO POLLS don’t make a trend. But something seems to be going on in British politics right now, and it’s not good news for the Labour party.
Monday 12 May 2014
SO what, exactly, is going on? Why does the UK still have crisis-level interest rates at a time when growth is roaring ahead? When will the penny finally drop?
Friday 09 May 2014
IT’S amazing how fashions change. Just a few years ago, prior to the financial crisis, Big Pharma was demonised. It could do nothing right, and was blamed for many of the world’s ills.
Thursday 08 May 2014
Dear protectionists I fear that you haven’t fully thought through your opposition to Pfizer’s bid for Astrazeneca.
Wednesday 07 May 2014
IT WAS hard not to despair at the latest scare story on empty homes – apparently, there are 60,000 of them being “hoarded” by rich “buy to leave” investors in London alone, and the Labour leader is going to do something about it.
Tuesday 06 May 2014
MOST economists have a limited shelf life. I suspect that Thomas Piketty, the fashionable French socialist whose book on wealth and inequality is topping the charts, will ultimately fall into that category.
Friday 02 May 2014
VICIOUS circles are the new normal in British politics.
Thursday 01 May 2014
IT’S all in the name. What would you prefer, a zero hours contract, or a flexible arrangement with a company that means that you will be asked to work as and when you are needed, with hours variable?
Wednesday 30 April 2014
ANY discussion of the latest economic growth statistics must always be prefaced by a health warning. These are early estimates which are often revised, sometimes drastically.
Tuesday 29 April 2014
THERE is how the French do things, and then there is the British way. Germany’s Siemens and America’s General Electric are both seeking to woo French politicians as they prepare their rival offers for Alstom.
Monday 28 April 2014
TRAIN and tube lines are vital for London. Most people commute by rail, and projects like Crossrail or the Northern Line extension will do a huge amount of good.
Friday 25 April 2014
WE ALL know the dangers of high interest rates: borrowers end up having to fork out more, some people and companies with high amounts of debt will go bust, and the reduced disposable incomes and profits hit economic growth.
Thursday 24 April 2014
DO you remember how the City used to be pre-Big Bang in 1986? Neither do I.
Wednesday 23 April 2014
THE VINCE Cable show is back on the road. The business secretary is up to his old tricks again, waging war on business.
Tuesday 22 April 2014
SLOWLY but surely, companies are starting to spend again, buying machines, computers and software and thus gradually beginning to rebalance the recovery.
Thursday 17 April 2014
BRITAIN has turned into a giant jobs factory.
Wednesday 16 April 2014
INFLATION, as Milton Friedman used to argue, is a form of taxation without legislation. Wealth is taken from some people – for example, holders of cash – and given to others – such as those with large debts.
Tuesday 15 April 2014
IN the dreadful communist days, Ukraine and Poland used to be equally poor. The former was part of the Soviet Union, and Poland was one of the USSR’s satellite nations, belonging to the Warsaw pact.
Monday 14 April 2014
ON the face of it at least, all is going swimmingly well for the British economy.
Friday 11 April 2014
CREDITORS are strange beasts: they appear to have virtually zero memory, to be gluttons for punishment and to embrace rewards for failure.
Thursday 10 April 2014
IT is a remarkable story. When Dadabhai Naoroji was elected as the Liberal Party member for Finsbury Central at the 1892 general election, the Mumbai-born became Britain’s first Asian MP.
Wednesday 09 April 2014
AT SOME point over the next few years, the UK will have to decide once and for all what it wants