Allister Heath


Allister Heath was Editor of City A.M. for six years up until June 2014.


THERE is one change, more than any other, that Britain needs to undergo if we want to fulfil our true potential. We must learn [...]

20 June

TAX and spending remain far too high in the UK, dragging down our economy. We still suffer from a bloated state, from an inefficient, [...]

19 June

ONE of Karl Marx’s big theories was that capitalism had an inherent tendency towards monopoly and would thus self-destroy. [...]

18 June

IT WAS Milton Friedman, the great Chicago economist, who put it best. Company bosses are employed by shareholders; and management’s [...]

17 June

WE ARE not running out of oil, far from it. The International Energy Agency is predicting that supply will shoot up from 89m [...]

16 June

It's official: money is about to become more expensive. Mark Carney warned yesterday that rates could rise more quickly than [...]

13 June

BRITAIN’S jobs market is continuing to defy gravity. The latest figures are stunningly good, with employment moving ever-closer [...]

12 June

ENERGY companies haven’t helped themselves. Their biggest mistake over the past decade was to collude with the political establishment. [...]

11 June

IT is nothing short of scandalous that five state schools in Birmingham have had to be placed in special measures after being [...]

10 June

FOR the first time ever, a computer programme has managed to dupe experts into thinking that it was a 13-year old boy. This is [...]

9 June

WELCOME to today’s special Saturday edition to celebrate one of the greatest and most exciting sporting events of the year. [...]

7 June

SHORT of embracing quantitative easing, the European Central Bank has now done everything it can to try to loosen conditions [...]

6 June

THERE were two reactions to yesterday’s Queen Speech: critics dismissed it as lightweight in the extreme, a collection of reheated [...]

5 June

WE SHALL soon find out whether the coalition is serious about introducing a right of recall for Members of Parliament. The whole [...]

4 June

BRITONS don’t save enough. The fact that we don’t put enough money aside for a rainy day, for our retirement or to finance [...]

3 June