Alex Dymoke

Gavin Turk
Tuesday 14 October 2014
Gavin Turk was born in Guildford in 1967.
Friday 10 October 2014
For a bite to eat: BBQ Lunch at Stepney City Farm  
Wednesday 01 October 2014
Of the many charitable campaigns tied tortuously to calendar months, Stoptober has to be the most effective.
Friday 26 September 2014
FOR STYLISH DINING: Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings
Friday 26 September 2014
Friday 26 September 2014
IT’S HARD to know what the greying grandees of London theatre criticism would have made of Teh Internet is Serious Business, a play that revels in an online world of memes and trolls, cheeseburger-demanding cats, socially awkward penguins and cond
The Forge on Cornhill
Wednesday 17 September 2014
The City of London: engine-room for the country’s economy, working place of some of the most powerful decision-makers in the Western world. But the Square Mile is strangely anachronistic in terms of its watering holes.
Thursday 11 September 2014
Apple Watch  What’s new?
Friday 05 September 2014
Before the Giraffes, Byrons and Starbucks, before the lawyers moved in with their taste for organic food and artisan delis, the area we now know as Angel was famed for something altogether more prosaic: bricks.
Thursday 04 September 2014
Shopkeeper Siva (Rez Kempton) sits amid a group of youths from the Pembury estate
Thursday 04 September 2014
St Paul's Cathedral
Thursday 04 September 2014
It’s hard work running a city – especially one that leads the world in culture, heritage and population growth, like London. The increasing demand for housing in the capital has put more pressure than ever on our open spaces and buildings.
Aaron Swartz
Wednesday 27 August 2014
"He was the internet’s own boy and the old world killed him”.
Wednesday 20 August 2014
The largest arts festival in the world is preparing to wrap for another year. Thousands of performers have taken to hundreds of stages over the course of the month-long event, which will go out with a bang on bank holiday Monday.
Thursday 14 August 2014
“Why don’t you cut me loose and I’ll open your meat shirt and show you your own heart” – In another universe this could be poetry.
Thursday 14 August 2014
To pay tribute: Dead Poets Society Secret Cinema  
Friday 01 August 2014
Where to stay
Thursday 31 July 2014
Wednesday 30 July 2014
Driverless cars are poised to go mainstream. But what of the other modes of transport beloved of science fiction?   DRIVERLESS CARS (likelihood: 100%)
Tuesday 29 July 2014
Figures stand isolated, lost in unfinished landscapes of saturated planes and floating shapes. Bartholomew Beal’s paintings are as open-ended as they are dramatic, as lurid as they are dark, as rich with meaning as they are ill-defined.
Tuesday 29 July 2014
With a life spanning the whole of the 20th century, Horst P Horst (1906-1999) documented a number of momentous changes in the worlds of photography and style.
Ferran Adria
Tuesday 29 July 2014
Once upon a time, the language of culinary pretension was French. If a chef wanted to bump up the prices on his menu, all he had to do was add a dash of “jus”, a splash of “vin”, perhaps a little “petit”.
Thursday 24 July 2014
The balaclava, the placard, the loudspeaker – the instruments of protest are well-established. Except they aren’t.