Alex Dymoke

Thursday 10 April 2014
The humble GIF has been in vogue for a while. Now the medium has its own art prize
Friday 04 April 2014
FILM THE DOUBLE Cert 15 Four Stars
Monday 31 March 2014
FINALLY, the greatest flat-race in the world has a world-class restaurant to match.
Thursday 27 March 2014
Late on Tuesday, Facebook announced their acquisition of virtual reality start-up Oculus VR for $2bn. Here, Alex Dymoke gives the low-down on what many predict is the future of gaming and home entertainment
Wednesday 26 March 2014
With the sun out, it’s time to eat alfresco, says Alex Dymoke – but for those poor souls stuck to your desks, we have some special take away options as well...
Monday 24 March 2014
Alex Dymoke gives a whistlestop tour of the history of humans and virtual reality
Tuesday 11 February 2014
Sam Mendes’ recent musical production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory only really gathered pace after the interval.
Friday 07 February 2014
One star
A view of Castello di Casole’s 4200 acre estate
Monday 20 January 2014
From fine olive oil and rolling vineyards to hunting for truffles in the forests surrounding San Gimignano, the heart of Italy is the perfect place for a foodie winter getaway
Alex struggling to get to grips with the gym equipment during the early days of the programme
Thursday 16 January 2014
City A.M. journalist Alex Dymoke tries out a ten week body transformation regime
Wednesday 18 December 2013
@AlexDymoke WHEN I tell people I’m doing a 12-week Get Fit challenge, everyone always asks the same thing, “What about when it finishes? Are you going to carry it on?”
Friday 29 November 2013
From the Nollywood film industry to shanty-dwellers with a line in tech imports, Nigeria’s biggest city reveals its secrets to Alex Dymoke
Thursday 28 November 2013
I’m six weeks through an intensive get-fit programme, which involves not only hitting the gym four times a week, but completely overhauling the way I eat.
Friday 15 November 2013
MUSIC STEVE REICH Royal Albert Hall | Five stars
Clive Wood and Joe Armstrong
Friday 08 November 2013
THEATRE THE DUMB WAITER The Print Room Theatre | Five stars
Friday 08 November 2013
ART BILL WOODROW The Royal Academy | Two stars
The intricate art of assembling the watch movement by hand
Thursday 07 November 2013
Watch newbie Alex Dymoke visited an F1 team HQ to try his hand with tweezers and loupe
Friday 01 November 2013
THEATRE RAVING Hampstead Theatre | Two stars I THOUGHT you didn’t agree with stereotypes?” says Keith to his wife Briony. “You’ve restored my faith in them,” she fires back, stingingly.
Friday 01 November 2013
Thursday 31 October 2013
As Blockbuster goes into administration again, Alex Dymoke looks to the future of online TV and film rentals BLINKBOX
Monday 28 October 2013
NO ONE becomes a journalist for the money. Salaries are small and getting smaller, but somehow the profession retains enough glamour to whet the appetite of thousands of naïve and willing-to-intern graduates. If only they knew.
Attention seekers
Tuesday 22 October 2013
With open-plan offices full of nattering colleagues and an ever-increasing array of bleeping machines vying for your attention, the office is more loaded with distractions than ever before.
Wednesday 09 October 2013
I’M NOT sure I have any muscles on my abdomen. I’ve certainly never seen any and it strikes me as an arrogant leap of faith to assume they exist. From the outside you wouldn’t be able to guess I’m so out of shape.
For a trendier, younger look
Thursday 03 October 2013
The chillier months ahead demand a smart, warm suit. But where should you go for your bespoke creation THE DAYS are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping and my inbox is heaving with emails about Christmas.
Tuesday 24 September 2013
Alex Dymoke chooses a selection of stylish and useful gadgets for kitting out your workstation