Tony Blair

Walk past the Palace of Westminster, and the crowds of protesters blocking the pavement send a clear message: [...]

17 May 2019

A former Labour minister has quit the party with a savage attack on the “Corbyn Cult” she claims has taken [...]

14 May 2019

Margaret Thatcher has been ranked as the UK’s greatest post-war Prime Minister in a survey marking the 40th [...]

3 May 2019

Is Corbyn right that Statutory Assessment Tests (Sats) should be scrapped in primary schools? [...]

23 April 2019

The Conservative party has a shortage of the political equivalent of rock stars. [...]

12 April 2019

Earlier this year, the BBC Parliament channel briefly became more popular than MTV. [...]

28 March 2019

What do Bill Clinton, the Beano, and moat cleaning have in common? Answer: they all contributed to Brexit. [...]

27 February 2019

Traders banked on the likelihood of a ‘no deal’ Brexit diminishing as sterling leapt to a two month high [...]

23 January 2019

As the twists and turns of this long drawn-out Brexit drama continue, possibly the most surprising aspect of all [...]

22 January 2019

Digital marketing firm Forward3D is merging with PMX Agency to create a new global brand, the company said today. [...]

15 January 2019

Of the four living former Prime Ministers, three are united in vocal and (to a varying degree) active opposition [...]

16 December 2018

Theresa May has launched a stinging attack on former Prime Minister Tony Blair, branding his efforts to bring [...]

16 December 2018

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is to say that the UK and EU should prepare for a second referendum because parliament [...]

14 December 2018
11 December 2018

Tony Blair believes Theresa May should scrap next week’s vote on her Brexit deal as she is about to hit a “brick [...]

6 December 2018

Should we be concerned that the Brexit secretary didn’t realise the extent to which we rely on Dover-Calais [...]

9 November 2018

When the results of the US midterms start to come in this evening, some here in the UK will roll their eyes and [...]

6 November 2018

Former Cabinet secretary and head of the civil service Sir Jeremy Heywood has died of cancer, aged 56. [...]

4 November 2018

Virgin's Richard Branson said he had scrapped talks with Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund about a $1bn (£755m) [...]

12 October 2018

One of the most dispiriting aspects of the Labour Party conference, which ended last week, is how deeply conservative [...]

3 October 2018

  It says something about how low the bar has dropped for your speech if your primary aim is to ensure that [...]

28 September 2018
21 September 2018

After a summer of turbulence, the Labour party conference will get underway in Liverpool next week. [...]

18 September 2018

Tony Blair has revealed that he doubts whether the Labour party can be "taken back by moderates" following on [...]

7 September 2018

What a difference a couple of decades make. [...]

30 August 2018

It is hard to think of a more eccentrically British fixation than the national obsession with A-level results [...]

17 August 2018

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” [...]

2 August 2018

Nominations for the Tories’ London mayoral candidate open this month, reminding us that London elections have [...]

19 June 2018

Next week’s vote in the House of Commons to either accept or throw out their Lordships’ amendments to the [...]

8 June 2018

The collapse of construction firm Carillion has put the relationship of chairman Philip Green with government [...]

15 January 2018

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