Sajid Javid

Another day, another chance for UK politics to reach hitherto unimaginable levels of farce. [...]

19 March 2019

Home secretary Sajid Javid has warned social media companies to "clean up their platforms" after the attack by [...]

16 March 2019

MPs are about to get a pay rise – but do they deserve it? [...]

4 March 2019

Cannabis firm Jacana is “considering” a stock market flotation this year after raising $20m (£15.08m) in [...]

28 February 2019

A Tory MP has left the government after proposing an amendment aimed at ensuring rights for EU nationals in the [...]

27 February 2019
21 February 2019

Drones and similar model aircraft will be banned from flying within a five kilometre radius from airport runways [...]

20 February 2019

“There’s no place like home”, Dorothy says, as she taps her red heels together three times and returns [...]

15 February 2019

Home secretary Sajid Javid has approved the extradition of Vijay Mallya, the Indian tycoon behind Kingfisher, [...]

4 February 2019

Home secretary Sajid Javid has shot down rumours of a general election in June, saying "the people would never [...]

3 February 2019

Downing Street has insisted reducing net migration to below 100,000 is still government policy - despite the home [...]

29 January 2019

“Chaotic useless bickering rudderless floundering humiliated Tories slump to six-point lead over Labour”, [...]

16 January 2019

The UK should scrap its "arbitrary" net migration target and harmful visa cap, a leading centre-right think tank has [...]

14 January 2019

Manufacturers are struggling with the worst drought of workers in 30 years, as fewer EU workers come into the [...]

3 January 2019

Home secretary Sajid Javid has questioned whether people who cross the English Channel to claim asylum in the [...]

2 January 2019

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