Janet Yellen

Data from the National Association of Realtors shows existing home sales up from 4.59m to 4.65m in April, with [...]

22 May 2014

Asian markets have been boosted by a recovery in Chinese exports and imports as well as Federal Reserve chairman [...]

8 May 2014

Janet Yellen has today defended the US’s central bank’s accommodative policy, saying it still remains warranted [...]

7 May 2014

Asian markets have seen minor gains after the US posted better than expected industrial production figures, and [...]

17 April 2014

Chair of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, has been speaking in Chicago on the health of the US economy and what [...]

31 March 2014

THE Federal Reserve will probably end its massive bond-buying programme this coming autumn, and could start to [...]

20 March 2014

US markets crept lower today at the open, following weaker European counterparts. [...]

19 March 2014

Asian markets are falling across the board as investors failed to be inspired by Janet Yellen's testimony to Congress [...]

28 February 2014

THE S&P 500 soared to a record high yesterday after US Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen said harsh winter [...]

28 February 2014

BRITAIN’S top share index edged up yesterday, lifted by positive US data and assurances from Federal Reserve [...]

28 February 2014

Fans of Bitcoin may be suffering from some mixed feelings. [...]

27 February 2014

Asian markets are flatlining in the wake of a relatively calm day on Wall Street and a lack of significant economic [...]

26 February 2014

Back in September 2008, now Fed chair Janet Yellen attended a meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee as [...]

21 February 2014

NEW FEDERAL Reserve chair Janet Yellen buoyed markets yesterday, insisting that the US jobs recovery is “far [...]

12 February 2014

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