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In losing the US House of Representatives, has President Trump lost his mandate? [...]

8 November 2018

From discussions on how the UK should reform its tax and regulatory landscape to make the most of post-Brexit [...]

7 November 2018

When the results of the US midterms start to come in this evening, some here in the UK will roll their eyes and [...]

6 November 2018

Last Thursday, Donald Trump took to Twitter to tell the world that trade talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping [...]

6 November 2018

Americans will cast their vote in the US midterm elections today, and the results will set the tone for stock [...]

6 November 2018

Chancellor Philip Hammond has said he believes the government’s target of eliminating the UK’s deficit is [...]

5 November 2018

The US midterm elections tomorrow are set to be a significant milestone. With record voter attendance expected [...]

5 November 2018

The US has imposed its “toughest ever” round of sanctions on Iran hitting the nation's key oil export sector. [...]

5 November 2018

Markets moved upwards this morning on hopes the US’s trade war with China might be easing. [...]

2 November 2018

US President Donald Trump today turned up the heat on Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro, signing an executive [...]

1 November 2018

The US is to curb American firms from exporting goods to a state-supported Chinese chip maker over national security [...]

30 October 2018

A third suspicious package sent to CNN in a week was intercepted in Atlanta today. [...]

29 October 2018

A suspect has been arrested in connection with the pipe bomb campaign against prominent critics of US President [...]

26 October 2018

Stock markets globally have been falling since the end of September. Economic worries including a potential trade [...]

26 October 2018

Police said today that they have intercepted a suspicious package addressed to former US vice president Joe Biden. [...]

25 October 2018

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