Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has said he has ask China to lift its tariffs on US agricultural imports because of good [...]

2 March 2019

The United States has taken a hard line on post-Brexit trade talks with the UK, demanding greater access to British [...]

1 March 2019

Back in 2015, I was convinced the UK was heading for another hung parliament. The following year I expected a [...]

1 March 2019

A summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has ended abruptly with no agreement [...]

28 February 2019

Donald Trump’s former lawyer has labelled the President a "racist" and a "cheat" in an explosive testimony in [...]

27 February 2019

Huawei's chairman Guo Ping has said there is "no evidence, nothing" to support US claims of spying via its telecommunications [...]

26 February 2019

Chinese stocks soared to their best one-day rise in more than three years today after President Donald Trump indicated [...]

25 February 2019

Wall Street veteran Warren Buffett appeared to take aim at President Donald Trump over the weekend, after saying [...]

24 February 2019

The S&P 500 hit a closing level high for 2019 and posted its highest close since November 8 on the back of [...]

23 February 2019

The US and China have agreed to extend talks over a new trade deal in a sign that the two countries may be nearing [...]

23 February 2019

Take a seat, Democrats, your messiah for the 2020 presidential race has arrived, in the form of socialist septuagenarian [...]

22 February 2019

Huawei has ramped up its $2bn (£1.5bn) project to address British security concerns as pressure mounts on the [...]

21 February 2019

US President Donald Trump sparked confusion today as he appeared to soften the country’s stance towards Huawei [...]

21 February 2019

Imagine making nearly $20bn in profit during your first year in a job, only to be met with profound disappointment. [...]

19 February 2019

Global trade is about to hit its lowest level in nearly nine years, warned the World Trade Organization (WTO) [...]

19 February 2019

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