Boris Johnson

Pressure is building on Theresa May to bring her Cabinet together and sign off the UK's position on Brexit after [...]

3 July 2018

Next week's crunch meeting to thrash out a final position on the customs union is likely to result in "the softest [...]

27 June 2018

Boris Johnson has failed to deny reports he said "f*** business", instead suggesting his comments were aimed at [...]

26 June 2018

Brexiters have slammed suggestions that Number 10 could be poised to push for a Single Market for goods, claiming [...]

21 June 2018

The only way to resolve the Irish border problem and prevent disruption of manufacturers' supply chains is for [...]

20 June 2018

The EU's chief negotiator has rejected a major component of the UK's proposal around a temporary customs arrangement, [...]

8 June 2018

Brexiter Cabinet ministers should either back the Prime Minister or resign, one of the most senior figures in [...]

8 June 2018

David Davis has backed down from his threats to resign after the Prime Minister added a date to the Brexit backstop [...]

7 June 2018

Ministers charged with determining the UK’s position on post-Brexit customs are poised to argue for a modified [...]

31 May 2018

Financier and anti-Kremlin campaigner Bill Browder has accused the UK government of failing to protect him after [...]

30 May 2018

London mayor Sadiq Khan is being urged to nominate the capital as the third city in the world to take part in [...]

16 May 2018
9 May 2018

The Irish border problem can be solved with the "max fac" customs proposal favoured by Brexiters, according to [...]

9 May 2018

A Conservative MP has suggested Boris Johnson resign after publicly slamming the Prime Minister's plan for a future [...]

8 May 2018

Theresa May convenes her Brexit war Cabinet today, where her most senior ministers will debate which of the government's [...]

2 May 2018

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