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Sadiq Khan has been accused of having the worst strikes record of any London mayor despite promising there would [...]

6 November 2018

Former foreign minister Boris Johnson accepted a free trip worth £14,000 from the government of Saudi Arabia [...]

31 October 2018

Sad news in my household: Moonie is not long for this world. The time is fast approaching when I must put her [...]

30 October 2018

Like any good Londoner, I used the fantastic summer weather to kayak from Limehouse to Hackney, discovering that [...]

22 October 2018
17 October 2018

London mayor Sadiq Khan has slashed thousands of homes from a flagship housing project in Old Oak Common while [...]

16 October 2018

Theresa May today repeatedly refused to guarantee when the UK would stop being part of the EU’s customs union [...]

15 October 2018

Boris Johnson today called on the Prime Minister to push back against the EU “bullies” following the collapse [...]

15 October 2018

With less than six months to go until Brexit, one of the biggest sticking points in the negotiations between Britain [...]

11 October 2018

There was a particularly pithy Tweet doing the rounds just after the Conservative party conference last week: [...]

8 October 2018

You have to hand it to Theresa May: after last year’s conference fiasco, it took guts to go onstage yesterday [...]

4 October 2018

Inevitably, Theresa May's speech was always going to be judged alongside her disastrous efforts this time last [...]

3 October 2018

The last time I sat in a corporate box, it was miserable. [...]

3 October 2018

Theresa May declared the end of austerity is in sight as she unveiled plans to let councils borrow more cash to [...]

3 October 2018

If there is one message that has been trumpeted by cabinet ministers, MPs, and members at this week’s Conservative [...]

3 October 2018

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