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September 2018 articles

  An investigation into former Gam Investments director Tim Haywood was sparked by concerns raised by a whistleblower. [...]

25 September

  The founder of City stockbroker Numis Oliver Hemsley will take over as chief executive of Nex Exchange next year, the challenger [...]

24 September

  Investment group Greybull Capital has bought the majority stake in mobile phone recycling company Redeem. [...]

23 September

In Johannesburg last month, the Prime Minister set a new ambition for the UK to be the largest G7 foreign direct investor in [...]

21 September

The US is the only developed country to make the top 10 of a sustainable investment league table that gauges consumer habits [...]

20 September

  More than a month into the Premier League season, which began on 10 August, the beautiful game is continuing to surprise us. [...]

19 September

Fund management consolidation is set to increase as firms attempt to grow their asset base in order to compete for deals, according [...]

18 September

First State Investments will move European Union client assets from the UK to Dublin in preparation for Brexit.  [...]

18 September

Anil Gaba, professor of decision sciences and the Orpar chaired professor of risk management at Insead, explains how risk and [...]

13 September

Passive investments have been growing in popularity in recent years. In contrast to ‘active’ funds that employ fund managers [...]

13 September

Private equity firm The Carlyle Group has acquired US insurance claims service provider Sedgwick for $6.7bn (£5.1bn). [...]

12 September

“Damien Hirst should run Lehman Brothers,” quipped an art collector after the artist’s outstanding auction the day after [...]

12 September

Aside from a multitude of accolades and awards for its wines, the company really came to the notice of the general public in [...]

12 September

I wasn't expecting to, but I grinned excitedly when I saw – with my very own eyes – two of the wand boxes from the first [...]

12 September

Dubai-headquartered private equity giant Abraaj is closing its London office as part of cost-cutting measures ahead of the sale [...]

11 September