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September 2018 articles

Kingfish posted a 14.7% fall in first-half pre-tax profit to £375 million, while analysts were anticipating £386 million. The [...]

19 September

Whether the big re-pricings that have occurred in Argentina and Turkey were rare events limited to those countries, or part [...]

17 September

Ten years ago, US investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, marking the most symbolic moment of the global financial [...]

14 September

Of all the emerging market economies, China usually garners the most attention. And with China often hogging the limelight, India [...]

11 September

Exchange service group Aquis will open a new Paris office in preparation for Brexit. [...]

10 September

On The Value Perspective blog, we have a folder of what we call ‘red-flag market indicators’. It has started to bulge as [...]

6 September

Last month, the US equity market set a new record for the longest bull market (period without a 20% drop) in history. There’s [...]

3 September