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Can you improve on perfection? In the case of the Jaguar E-Type, it seems so. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean giving the ‘World’s [...]

29 January

Remember the furore when Porsche launched its go-faster SUV, the Cayenne, in 2003? Po-faced purists were appalled, yet car buyers [...]

21 January

In the introspective, often impenetrable world of blue-chip classic cars, matching numbers are what matter. Collectors prize [...]

14 January

As you read this, the first examples of the new Porsche 911 are en route to the UK. The eighth-generation 911 (codenamed 992) [...]

7 January

One of the country’s leading pub chains has announced it’s planning to roll out electric vehicle charging points to boozers [...]

18 December

Born in the back streets of Bologna in 1949, Abarth celebrates its 70th anniversary next year. Its story began when racing team [...]

3 December

One might assume the David Brown Speedback GT was inspired by the Aston Martin DB5. The styling similarities between these two [...]

19 November

Turnaround investor Melrose said today that it is trading in line with board expectations after buying engineering firm GKN in [...]

13 November

Reifnitz is nestled deep in the Austrian Alps, its quiet streets dotted with quaint, hand-painted chalets. Nothing much happens [...]

5 November

Given the ethical issues exposed in a recent MIT study, will we ever fully trust autonomous vehicles? [...]

1 November

Route 66, America’s most legendary highway, is a month-long mission for many who attempt to drive the whole thing. It starts [...]

29 October

Say the word ‘veneer’ and most people think of cheap MDF furniture. Bentley, however, takes veneer very seriously. Its team [...]

15 October

How fast? How much? Is it a Ferrari? Will you swap for my Fiesta? These are all questions you’ll be asked – repeatedly – [...]

8 October

A golden Ferrari is expected to sell for up to £450,000 as it goes on sale later this month at auction house Sotheby’s. [...]

1 October

Motorcycles are amazing. For less than the price of a Ford Fiesta, you can buy a machine that accelerates faster away from the [...]

17 September