The Leap 100 - August Poll

Exporting: Is the government doing enough to help?

GETTING products and services into new markets is a high priority for The Leap 100. Nearly 70 per cent already export, and over a third intend to do so within the next year. Several are satisfied with current government support for fast-growth businesses exporting, highlighting UKTI and the “passport to export” programme as particularly beneficial.

Yet one in eight is concerned about the implications of tax for exporters. For Diane Young of The Drum, which recently opened its first non-UK office, the “greatest challenge is trying to understand tax and law in the US”. She adds: “I’m not sure what the UK government can do about that, except perhaps give some financial support for the professional fees that occur when you set up in another country”.

Several of The Leap 100 say the government should do more to stabilise the pound. Fourteen per cent of respondents said that it is currency movements and the strength of sterling which deter them from exporting. Indeed, Peter Bowles, founder and managing director of Original BTC, said the government needs to “actively work to reduce the value of the pound”.

  • Does your business export overseas?
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  • If you’re not currently exporting, do you expect to do so in the future?
  • What is the biggest barrier to your company’s export growth?
  • Would Britain leaving the European Union damage your ability to export?
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The Leap 100 Comments
As a consultancy charging largely a day rate, the hardest thing for my firm is that UK sterling costs are pretty high for those countries with a much weaker economy.
Edwina Dunn - Starcount
(Chief Executive)
The Bank of England is doing a very poor job over the handling of interest rates advice and currency exchange rates.
Peter Bowles - Original BTC
(Managing Director)