Highest paid football players 2016: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi top rich list dominated by Barcelona, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain players

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Football's highest paid players have been revealed by a France Football survey - and the Premier League's failure to attract the cream of the crop is laid bare in their rankings.

The annual football rich list, which estimates a player's overall earnings in a season by calculating salary, bonuses and sponsorships, reveals that only Manchester United's Wayne Rooney belongs in the rarefied air of the game's top 10 earners.

Lionel Messi is the top earner once again thanks to the biggest basic annual salary in the sport afforded to him by Barcelona.

His teammates Neymar and Andres Iniesta also feature in the top 10 alongside representatives from Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain.

1. Lionel Messi, Barcelona - £59m

1. Lionel Messi - €74m (£59m)

  • Annual salary - €36m (£28.7m)
  • Performance bonuses - €3m (£2.4m)
  • Extra income - €35m (£27.9m)

Messi's contract with Barcelona is the biggest in world football, and the Argentine's extra-curricular revenue is matched only by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Source: France Football


2. Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid - £53.8m

2. Cristiano Ronaldo - €67.4m (£53.8m)

  • Annual salary - €32m (£25.5m)
  • Performance bonuses - €400,000 (£319,000)
  • Extra income - €35m (£27.9m)

Cristiano Ronaldo's marketing muscle is on a par with his goalscoring prowess. As well as enjoying a host of sponsorships including Nike, Herbalife and Pokerstars, the Madrid man now has his own underwear, footwear and perfume brands.

Source: France Football

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3. Neymar, Barcelona - £34.7m

3. Neymar - €43.5m (£34.7m)

  • Annual salary - €20m (£16m) 
  • Performance bonuses - €2.5m (£2m)
  • Extra income - €21.m (£16.8m)

Neymar's current salary at Barcelona is bettered by both Thiago Silva and Angel di Maria at Paris Saint-Germain, but the Brazilian's huge popularity in his homeland helps him generate lucrative sponsorship deals with the likes of Nike, Red Bull and Volkswagen.

Source: France Football

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paris Saint-Germain - £22.7m

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic - €28.5m (£22.7m)

  • Annual salary - €20m (£16m)
  • Performance bonuses - €2.5m (£2m)
  • Extra income - €6m (£4.8m)

Earlier this season Ibrahimovic negotiated a £500,000 increase to his monthly salary for the final few months of his deal with Paris Saint-Germain, due to expire at the end of this season.

Source: France Football

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5. Thiago Silva, Paris Saint-Germain - £21.1m

5. Thiago Silva - €26.5m (£21.1m)

  • Annual salaray - €23m (£18.3m)
  • Performance bonuses - €1m (£800,000)
  • Extra income - €2.5m (£2m)

Paris Saint-Germain captain Silva is the highest-paid defender in the world thanks to a huge contract and bonuses secured for guiding his team to a domestic treble last season.

Source: France Football 

6. Angel Di Maria, Paris Saint-Germain - £20.7m

6. Angel Di Maria - €26m (£20.7m)

  • Annual salary - €24m (£19.1m)
  • Performance bonuses - €800,000 (£640,000)
  • Extra income - €1.2m (£960,000)

Di Maria boosted his earnings by just under €8m in the last year after leaving Manchester United to join French champions Paris Saint-Germain.

Source: France Football

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7. Gareth Bale, Real Madrid - £19.5m

7. Gareth Bale - €24.5m (£19.5m)

  • Annual salary - €14m (£11.2m)
  • Performance bonuses - €500,000 (£399,000)
  • Extra income - €10m (£8m)

Bale's sponsorship earnings have been boosted by Wales' presence in this year's Euro 2016 competition - the Welshman is the cover star of the official tournament video game from Pro Evolution Soccer.

Source: France Football

8. Thomas Muller, Bayern Munich - £18.8m

8. Thomas Muller - €23.6m (£18.8m)

  • Annual salary - €16m (£12.8m)
  • Performance bonuses - €600,000 (£478,600)
  • Extra income - €7m (£5.6m)

Bayern Munich's highest-paid player is local hero Thomas Muller, after he extended his contract to 2021.

Source: France Football

9. Wayne Rooney, Manchester United - £17.6m

9. Wayne Rooney - €22m (£17.6m)

  • Annual salary - €16.7m (£13.3m)
  • Performance bonuses - €300,000 (£240,000)
  • Extra income - €5m (£4m)

Rooney remains the highest-paid player in the Premier League thanks to a bumper contract signed in the summer of 2013 when David Moyes took charge at Old Trafford.

Source: France Football

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10. Andres Iniesta, Barcelona - £17.2m

10. Andres Iniesta - €21.5m (£17.2m)

  • Annual salary - €15m (£12m)
  • Performance bonuses - €2m (£1.6m)
  • Extra income - €4.5m (£3.6m)

Iniesta is the highest-earning Catalan, ahead of friends Xavi, Sergio Busquets and Gerard Pique.

Source: France Football