Editor's Letter

Friday 17 April 2015
An eyesore and a vanity project, un-English and out of keeping with the times... that was, once, the contrarian view of St Paul’s.
Friday 10 April 2015
Churchill, as ever, said it best: “For a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.”
Friday 27 March 2015
MY RICHARD III has a narrow posterity, fondly remembered only by my mother and, perhaps, my old drama teacher.
Tuesday 17 March 2015
When it comes to the furore over directors’ pay deals, it is often hard to determine whether a board has acted correctly or not in agreeing a remuneration package.
Sir Terry Pratchett
Friday 13 March 2015
A flat earth. Beneath: a turtle ten thousand miles long.
Friday 06 March 2015
ARE robots coming for your job? That isn’t a premise for an episode of Doctor Who; for some City-watchers, it has become a genuine fear.
Friday 27 February 2015
THE IDEA that high finance and successful commerce are the enemies of cultural flourishing has never made sense. From the banker-patrons of the Florentine
Friday 20 February 2015
WHO owns the future? With the Eurozone apparently powerless before the once unthinkable prospect of a Greek exit, and with Ed Miliband’s Labour trying to drag British politics back to the 1970s, optimism seems to be as weak as winter sunshine.
Tuesday 17 February 2015
Clive Bannister is a very companionable dinner guest, rightly proud of his achievements in business and of his father Roger, who became the first person to run a mile in less than four minutes.
Friday 13 February 2015
Perhaps, whatever Ed Miliband says, Britain likes the idea of being dominated by a successful businessman with a dark side.
Wednesday 11 February 2015
THIS was the auction that Sky dared not lose.
Friday 06 February 2015
Who's Bill? It is the question of the week, after Ed Balls’ senior moment on Newsnight.
Thursday 05 February 2015
After a cracking 2014 in London’s new issues market, this year was always going to be tricky, with expectations higher than usual.
Wednesday 21 January 2015
Public companies are rightly criticised whenever they turn down a takeover bid point blank, leaving no room for negotiation.
Tuesday 13 January 2015
After a year of being virtually ignored by those organising fund-raisings on the London stock market, the retail investor is heading back to the stock market.
Tuesday 06 January 2015
Football is a funny old game, and a funny old business too.
Tuesday 23 December 2014
Friday 19 December 2014
  It's a funny thing about Santa Claus: he knows whether you’ve been bad or good, but you still have to tell him what you want to see under the tree.  
Friday 12 December 2014
Good news: 2014 has been the year of the selfie, according to Twitter.
Thursday 11 December 2014
John Griffith-Jones, the chair­man of the FCA, said last night that the regulator’s botched briefing to one media organ­isation, which went disastrously wrong and resulted in causing mayhem on the stock market last March, was well-intended.
Wednesday 10 December 2014
By the time the last of the chocolates have been foraged from the Advent Calendar, or thereabouts, WPP, the giant advertising group run by Sir Martin Sorrell, will very likely have chosen a new chair for the company’s board.
Thursday 04 December 2014
George Osborne is the consummate tactician. With 153 days to go to the election, there’s only one thing on his mind, and that’s how to breeze past opposition parties on the journey back to Downing Street. And who can blame him?
Friday 28 November 2014
This week, one American seas­onal tradition is on everyone’s lips: Black Friday. Today is the day when US retailers kick off the pre-Christmas rush with a slew of discounts, and their finances are said to move back into the black as a result.
Thursday 27 November 2014
Aviva’s New Zealand-born chief executive Mark Wilson comes from a family of insurance people and has been an in­vestor in insurance companies since he was 15.
Friday 21 November 2014
WHAM! Pow! There’s been a comic book intensity to the battle of business this week, with transport app Uber drawn as the villain after unscripted swings at journalists it felt had the disruptive tech firm in their sights.
Wednesday 19 November 2014
As the recent flotation of Virgin Money proved, albeit after a false start, London’s window for new issues (or Initial Public Offerings, IPOs) isn’t absolutely closed, as it was a couple of years ago.
Friday 14 November 2014
In a matter of weeks, during the first few days of January, I will be calling people to invite them to next year’s City A.M. awards.
Friday 07 November 2014
Around the Tower, the poppies flow, recalling crosses, row on row...
Thursday 06 November 2014
Those hoping the resurrection of the Virgin Money flotation might lead London’s initial public offering (IPO) markets into an end-of-year revival should take a read of yesterday’s statement from Stock Spirits Group, the Polish vodka maker that flo
Friday 31 October 2014
IT IS great news that Tim Cook has chosen to declare that he is proud to be gay.
Friday 24 October 2014
Britain wants change in Europe, but we have to think harder about what change is worth having.
Wednesday 22 October 2014
Investment bankers are a bit like accountants. They see opportunities from every eventuality.
Friday 17 October 2014
Business bashing is in vogue.
Thursday 16 October 2014
After days of fending off suggestions that its £800m flotation was in trouble, the challenger small business bank Aldermore finally succumbed to the inevitable yesterday.
Friday 10 October 2014
In Silicon Valley, tiny businesses with big ambitions get a surprising piece of advice: start things that don’t scale.
Martin Wheatley
Thursday 09 October 2014
As the advisers to the Jimmy Choo flotation announce they have enough support to proceed, there is much to be delighted with in the way the new issues market has gone this year.
Wednesday 08 October 2014
Who would want to be a bank director in London these days? Not Alan Thomson, a member of the audit and risk committee at HSBC Bank who, according to fellow columnist Mark Kleinman, has tendered his resign­ation.
Ed Miliband
Tuesday 07 October 2014
When I put it to one left-leaning businessman yesterday the notion that the former postman Alan Johnson might stand against Ed Miliband as Labour leader, he responded: “That would be lovely.” Some of Labour’s business supporters are running out o
Friday 03 October 2014
City A.M. will be 10 years old next year and until now it has had just two editors. Yesterday it got its third with my elevation to that role, with Marc Sidwell working alongside me as executive editor across all the company’s platforms.
Thursday 18 September 2014
There have surely been better political campaigns than the Better Together one that has been arguing the case for Scotland remaining in the United Kingdom, 307 years since the 1707 Act of Union.
Man with a megaphone
Friday 29 August 2014
Have you ever walked away from a big speech or a presentation feeling puzzled?
Friday 20 June 2014
THERE is one change, more than any other, that Britain needs to undergo if we want to fulfil our true potential.
Thursday 19 June 2014
TAX and spending remain far too high in the UK, dragging down our economy.
Wednesday 18 June 2014
ONE of Karl Marx’s big theories was that capitalism had an inherent tendency towards monopoly and would thus self-destroy. The idea remains widely held, and is one reason countries operate stringent anti-trust regulations.
Tuesday 17 June 2014
IT WAS Milton Friedman, the great Chicago economist, who put it best.
Monday 16 June 2014
WE ARE not running out of oil, far from it. The International Energy Agency is predicting that supply will shoot up from 89m barrels per day (bpd) in 2012 to 101m bpd by 2035.
Friday 13 June 2014
It's official: money is about to become more expensive. Mark Carney warned yesterday that rates could rise more quickly than the markets were predicting.
Thursday 12 June 2014
BRITAIN’S jobs market is continuing to defy gravity. The latest figures are stunningly good, with employment moving ever-closer to its all-time high as a share of the workforce and the number of jobs in the economy hitting another record.
Wednesday 11 June 2014
ENERGY companies haven’t helped themselves. Their biggest mistake over the past decade was to collude with the political establishment.
Tuesday 10 June 2014
IT is nothing short of scandalous that five state schools in Birmingham have had to be placed in special measures after being infiltrated by extremists.