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Vote for your Digital Innovators

The 50 companies in our Digital Innovators Power List celebrate and showcase the UK’s most innovative digitally-led companies today. In compiling the list, Bird & Bird, City A.M. and partners have considered:

  • Do they have a captivating story of innovation with significant achievements already made?
  • Have they secured institutional funding?
  • Do they have international reach?
  • Are they creating a buzz in the media?

For one week only from 18:00 on Tuesday 21 November until 23:59 on Tuesday 28 November, you can help us choose the 10 companies on the Power List that are “life changers” or “market transformers” in their respective sectors.

The final tally will be shared with our panel of judges – this includes experts from our partner organisations Hotwire, techUK, CBI and Crowdcube as well as Power List companies from 2016-17: Blippar; Darktrace; EdAid; Seenit; Smartzer; Visualise. Your votes are important as they will highlight the companies that you’d like the judges to name for the next round, as well as potentially moving them one step closer to being deemed as one of two companies which will have the greatest impact on the digital world in 2018.

Please scroll down to view the companies and to make your selection. And do get involved on social media using the hashtag #digitalinnovators.

Appear HereRent shops, markets and spaces | Appear Here is the AirBnb for pop-up retail space around the world.
AutomataSimple and affordable robotic automation | Automation has been a topic of much debate for about 200 years, but with the advent of robotics, the discussion has accelerated in the last decade.
BenevolentAIUses AI for scientific innovation | BenevolentAI is redefining the process of scientific discovery by using machine learning to parse medical data
BillmonitorUses maths to help make smarter purchasing decisions | “Keeping the networks honest” sounds like a tall order but Billmonitor really goes the extra mile.
CeraBook senior care on demand | Founded by a former innovation adviser to NHS England, Cera is a startup that wants to provide smarter social care using an Uber-style platform to match carers and patients.
ChargifiWireless charging solution | As the world grows increasingly reliant on mobile technology, Chargifi is betting on wireless charging becoming the norm, and is creating hotspots upon which consumers can charge up on the move.
CheckRecipientAI and machine learning email security platform | A plethora of high-profile cases in recent years prove that a major data breach can easily be caused by something as simple as a misaddressed email. CheckRecipient uses machine learning to help prevent emails from being sent to the wrong recipient.
ChirpData-over-sound communications | Chirp technology encodes data into a series of audible and inaudible near-ultrasonic pitches and tones to form a "sonic barcode", which can be transmitted to and from most devices with a speaker and microphone.
ClearScoreFree credit scores and reports | Getting your head around credit scoring is an unwelcome task – very often you have to pay a subscription to access your data, only to then receive no help deciphering what it means, or what it enables you to do. ClearScore is a one-stop-shop for credit scoring.
Cloud IQConversion rate optimisation and remarketing platform | Cloud IQ’s powerful AI-driven suite of software creates a cost-effective conversion-rate optimisation solution for ecommerce operators.
CrowdJusticeCrowdfunding platform for public interest law | The act of going to court is an expensive ordeal, which naturally puts a number of claimants off pursuing an injustice against them. CrowdJustice aims to democratise access to legal help through crowdfunding.
CurveLinks up credit and debit cards into one card | If you’re one to have lots of bank, credit, and debit cards in your wallet, keeping track of each individual account can be hard work – especially if you move money around a lot. With Curve, all of your accounts are linked to one card, making accessing your money a breeze.
digi.meBrings all your data together | allows you to bring all your data together into your own secure library. You choose which sources to add to your library – such as social networks, finance or health – and requests the data from them.
EchoNHS prescription reminder and tracking app | Echo is a free app that taps into the NHS' digital prescription service so that patients can receive, take and manage repeat prescriptions hassle-free.
ElectronBlockchain systems for the energy sector | Blockchain, presents an opportunity to revolutionise an almost unlimited mix of transaction-heavy industries. Electron is providing blockchain solutions for the energy sector, from trading to meter registration.
EmotechRobotics with personality | Robots and AI will add £635bn to the UK economy by 2030, and firms like Emotech are driving that. Its flagship product, an AI-powered a personal assistant called Olly, offer something that the Siris and Alexas of the world do not: Personality.
FiveAIAI-driven software for autonomous mobility | FiveAI is building the world’s most reliable autonomous vehicle software stack to solve the most difficult problem of all – delivering a solution that’s safe in complex urban environments, without any driver involvement.
FoundryDesigns creative software technologies | Established in 1996, Foundry is a market leader in providing firms from Pixar to Mercedes Benz the technology to create award-winning visual effects and 3D content for the design, visualisation, and entertainment industries.
goHenryPocket money app for young people | There was a time that a child’s pocket money would be handed to them in cash after doing chores. But as we approach a cashless society, digital natives need to form their saving and spending habits in an online environment. goHenry is a card and app for kids.
HabitoDigital mortgage broker PropTech is the word on the City’s lips this year – mortgages have gone digital, and Habito is leading the pack. Fusing jazzy tech and mortgage expertise, the firm insists it can get homeowners the best deal possible.
Hibob~A cloud-based HR and benefits platform | Hibob is an HR and employee benefits platform for small to medium-sized businesses. Bob takes people management out of the back room and puts it at the heart of a business.
HiyaCarCar sharing platform | HiyaCar is a player in the digital sharing economy, giving car owners the opportunity to earn extra cash by renting their cars out to vetted hirers.
Hoxton AnalyticsRetail research and data analytics | Striking a balance between privacy and security is one of the great quandaries of our time. Hoxton Analytics innovation sounds simple. It provides firms with real-time footfall data and creates demographic profiles of shoppers, by videoing their shoes, rather than their face.
Ieso Digital HealthApp for managing mental health | Ieso offers live, confidential one-to-one cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with a therapist via secure instant messaging on a computer, tablet or smartphone.
ImprobablePlatform powering massive simulation | Ask anyone in the tech world what the greatest opportunity of the next decade is, and there’s a good chance they’ll say virtual reality. Improbable is leading the pack.
Isotropic SystemsSpectrally efficient, low-profile antennas | Assigning yourself the task of developing “the world’s most spectrally efficient, low-profile, conformal, multi-band, electronically steered satellite antenna” is not for the faint-hearted. Isotropic Systems has stepped up to the mantle.
KanoBuild-it-yourself computer kits and coding | There’s no shortage of stories regarding the digital literacy divide in the UK – we have far more developer jobs than we do developers to fill them. As such, it’s one of a few industries to defy stagnant wage growth trends. Everyone should learn a bit of coding, and Kano will teach you how.
LimejumpSmart, simple and transparent access to energy markets | Limejump is a Technology-Driven Utility: harnessing the power of big data to positively disrupt and transform today's energy market. Its online platform helps businesses, utilities, and system operators to work together to unlock the full value of the smart grid.
MetailUses technology to help online shoppers find the right fit | Metail is a digital changing room, presenting customers with a simulated version of themselves, called MeModel, that takes into account their size, weight, bra size, body shape and fit preferences.
MishiPayNo queuing, self-scan and pay app | Shopping of the future is here. MishiPay offers the ultimate in automated in-store payments. No longer will you need to queue at a till; no more will the self-service checkout tell you to remove the last item from the bagging area.
MoneyfarmDigital wealth manager | Moneyfarm is a digital wealth management platform risen from the ashes of the financial crisis. It identifies its users’ investor profiles through an online questionnaire and offers them one of 12 diversified investment portfolios tailored to their profiles.
OLIOFood sharing app | OLIO is a free app that connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away. This could be food nearing its sell-by date in local stores, spare home-grown vegetables, bread from your baker, or the groceries in your fridge when you go away.
OmnifiA retail and leisure innovation agency | Omnifi help retailers and leisure brands create better digital experiences. Trusted by brands from B&Q to The Restaurant Group, TUI to Lord's, Omnifi has developed everything from omnichannel strategy, mobile applications to connected retail.
OxboticaAutonomous vehicle software company | Autonomous vehicles will be an accepted reality within a decade or so. Oxbotica is one of the firms powering the driverless revolution. Among myriad projects, its software is the brain behind vehicles with the capability to think for themselves – from warehouse plant to road-tested cars.
PanaseerProvides security intelligence solutions to enterprises | Panaseer provides security leaders with the intelligence to communicate better with key stakeholders. Its data lake collects and combines data from multiple sources, up and down the stack.
PavegenHarvests energy and data from footfall | As we attempt to cut our carbon footprint, Pavegen is quite literally using our footprints to do the same. Founded in 2009, its innovative tiles generate electricity simply through people walking on them.
QuiqupOn-demand delivery service | There’s innumerable things one might need from the other side of town – a book, a forgotten present, a wallet. When you have a busy schedule, the last thing you want to do is battle the tube and waste half a day doing so. Thankfully, Quiqup can help.
RainbirdAI-powered cognitive reasoning platform | Rainbird is a platform that enables businesses to rapidly automate decision-making tasks and build tools that augment human workers in more complex operations. The platform is designed for business people – not just software developers – putting the expert central to the knowledge encoding process.
RavelinFraud detection and prevention platform | Ravelin is a smart fraud detection and prevention platform that helps companies stop online payment fraud by examining customer behaviour data and spotting fraudsters while there is still time to block them.
RevolutApp to send, exchange and spend money globally | Online only challenger bank Revolut allows you to hold, exchange and transfer cash without paying fees in 26 different currencies. Its new business banking service offers a similar service, and following several raises, the firm is looking to expand internationally.
Signal MediaAI media monitoring | There’s no shortage of innovative firms in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – London is home to nearly as many AI startups as the whole of the EU combined. But Signal is out in front – it uses powerful AI to monitor thousands of media sources in real time, so that firms can stay on top of every bit of relevant information.
Starling BankMobile-only challenger bank | Like many so-called challenger banks, Starling was born from a realisation that incumbent big banks were failing to innovate at the speed of the world of tech. A digital first player in a crowded space, Starling is one of the only challengers offering a full current account from which customers are able to set up direct debits, after acquiring a banking license earlier this year.
SuperAwesome‘Kid safe’ digital marketing platform | Kids are consumers from a young age – it’s not uncommon for them to have iPads aged two or three, meaning controlling the very extremes of the internet is paramount. With SuperAwesome, wary parents can rest easy.
TractableArtificial intelligence for expert visual tasks | Tractable is an imaging-understanding AI that can assess thousands of images in seconds with razor-sharp accuracy, with minimal human intervention.
Two CirclesData driven sports marketing agency | Two Circles is a sports marketing agency with offices in the UK, Switzerland and North America that helps sports organisations grow relationships with their audiences and partners using data solutions.
Vita MojoCashless restaurant chain and software company | When the worlds of tech and food collide, it can only be a good thing. Vita Mojo uses the power of technology to offer people healthier meal options which are perfect for their dietary requirements.
what3wordsGeocoding system for communication of locations | The idea is simple: take the globe, divide it into 57 trillion 3m by 3m squares and ascribe three common words to each square. To cover the globe, what3words needs to use 40,000 words – which gives around 60 trillion combinations.
Winnow SolutionsInnovative food waste technology | Data is on the menu at Winnow Solutions – it uses intelligent analytics to cut back commercial food waste. Trusted by the likes of Ikea, the humble ambition of cutting food waste in half is becoming a reality with Winnow’s platform. By tracking what you use, you can identify what you’re wasting and stop doing so.
xRapidAutomated diagnostic app | xRapid’s business is split into two parts, but both have a similar outlook. They both pair artificial intelligence with a uniquely designed, fully-automated microscope and testing platform.
ZestyOnline healthcare appointment booking service | Zesty’s vision is to make booking a primary or secondary healthcare appointment as easy as booking a flight, hotel or restaurant online. Already used extensively by the NHS and private sector, its growth has been rapid since inception in 2012.