Transport for London (TfL) has announced that the High Court cannot proceed with a case regarding taxi app service [...]

3 July 2014

The chief executive and co-founder of Malaysian-based startup Grabtaxi believes his mobile app has the potential [...]

25 June 2014

Smartphone app Uber has found a new champion in the form of EU digital affairs commissioner Neelie Kroes. [...]

12 June 2014

Taxi drivers bring central London streets to a standstill over Uber – yet smartphone app says it won the day

12 June 2014

European cities have come to a standstill as cab drivers protest against the rise of taxi apps such as Uber. [...]

11 June 2014

Thousands of London's iconic black cabs are today staging a mass protest against innovative taxi app service Uber. [...]

11 June 2014

More than 10,000 black cabs are expected to cause traffic chaos in central London today in a protest against Uber, [...]

11 June 2014

HAILO may be embroiled in today’s anti-Uber taxi strike but there was no place for app-bashing at last night’s [...]

11 June 2014

The RMT transport union has lent its support to a planned day of protest by licensed taxi drivers, who aim to [...]

10 June 2014

The protest planned by black-cab drivers against the start up taxi ordering service Uber could cost London’s [...]

9 June 2014

Mobile car booking service Uber has been valued at $17bn (£10.13bn) after raising $1.2bn of primary capital in [...]

7 June 2014

TRANSPORT for London has asked the High Court to endorse its view that the Uber car booking service complies with [...]

30 May 2014

Innovative car hire app Uber is set to hit a valuation of $10bn (£6bn) in its latest round of funding as the [...]

16 May 2014

London's black cabs are on the war path against innovative taxi app service Uber, promising to cause widespread [...]

8 May 2014

Alex Dymoke on the minicab app that helped Londoners through the strikes

1 May 2014

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