The Co-operative Group

HEDGE funds backing the Co-operative Bank have helped plug the latest £400m capital hole at the troubled lender, [...]

12 May 2014

It’s more upheaval for the beleaguered Co-op Bank. [...]

9 May 2014

THE CO-OP Group’s directors need to be swept out and replaced with experienced business people if the group [...]

8 May 2014

If there's a thread flowing through the Co-op Bank's problems - it's one of a skills deficiency. [...]

7 May 2014

Former Co-op Bank boss Paul Flowers has been fined £400 after pleading guilty to charges of possessing drugs. [...]

7 May 2014

Former city minister Lord Myners has said the Co-operative Group needs radical reform including smaller boards [...]

7 May 2014

A SWEEPING investigation into the Co-op Group and Co-op Bank yesterday found years of bad decision making [...]

1 May 2014

Since the Co-op Bank revealed a significant capital shortfall last June, it's been up to Sir Christopher Kelly [...]

30 April 2014

BOARD director Stuart Ramsay resigned his position at the Co-operative Group last night after an investigation [...]

30 April 2014

The Co-op has unveiled losses of £2.5bn. The group admitted it had been a "disastrous" year, going so far as [...]

17 April 2014

The former chairman of the Co-op bank, Paul Flowers, has been charged with offences over class A and class C drugs. [...]

16 April 2014

THREE Co-op Group directors are working on implementing Lord Myners’ reforms as fast as possible, City A.M. [...]

16 April 2014

TRADITIONALISTS at the Co-operative were under fire from workers yesterday, as Unite the Union backed major reforms [...]

15 April 2014

THE CO-OPERATIVE Group is set to follow its bank into multi-billion pound losses when it reports its finances [...]

14 April 2014

Co-op Bank has, as expected, reported that it made a £1.3bn pre-tax loss last year. [...]

11 April 2014

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