The Co-operative Group

Alright, for a corporate deal it is hardly a princely sum - but the Co-operative Group has taken another step [...]

2 September 2014

Are the Co-operative Bank's troubles finally over? After a dire 2013, the bank announced this morning it had cut [...]

22 August 2014

George Osborne was accused of unreasonably withholding information on ministers’ meetings with Lloyds and Co-op [...]

21 August 2014

The Co-operative Group has announced proposals to reform its governance structure, so that it is “qualified [...]

8 August 2014

The Co-operative Group continued offloading its non-core assets yesterday with the sale of nearly 16,000 hectares [...]

5 August 2014

The Co-operative Group has agreed to sell its pharmacy business to privately owned Bestway for £620m, using the [...]

18 July 2014

The chairman of the Co-op Bank, Richard Pym, has announced he will stand down later this year to take up a similar [...]

15 July 2014

The sale of Co-op’s chemist business may be nearing its conclusion as several big bidders compete to be chosen [...]

30 June 2014

The government has been keen to promote business ties with China since at least the beginning of the current coalition [...]

17 June 2014

TOP LAWYER Laura Carstensen was yesterday appointed to improve behaviour at the Co-op Bank. She is now a non-executive [...]

28 May 2014

New high street bank TSB can only access half of the mortgage market because it does not have the systems in place [...]

27 May 2014

VETERAN Co-op Group board member Ben Reid announced his resignation yesterday, leaving the firm after a turbulent [...]

20 May 2014

HEDGE funds backing the Co-operative Bank have helped plug the latest £400m capital hole at the troubled lender, [...]

12 May 2014

It’s more upheaval for the beleaguered Co-op Bank. [...]

9 May 2014

THE CO-OP Group’s directors need to be swept out and replaced with experienced business people if the group [...]

8 May 2014

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