Apple beat Wall Street estimates on both revenue and profit last night, as the tech giant forecast a comeback [...]

30 April 2019

Samsung will invest 133 trillion won (£89bn) in its logic chip business over the next decade as it looks to [...]

24 April 2019

Samsung is reportedly recovering all review samples of its latest smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, after complaints [...]

23 April 2019

Global smartphone sales are set to fall again this year as consumers shun upgrades and hold on to their devices [...]

8 April 2019

Samsung Electronics has warned its first quarter profits are likely to plunge 60 per cent compared to the same [...]

5 April 2019

Samsung issued a surprise warning to its shareholders this morning that its first-quarter results would be worse [...]

26 March 2019

Tech giants Apple and Samsung are losing their grip on the smartphone market to cheaper rivals such as China’s [...]

21 February 2019

Tech giant Qualcomm today unveiled its second generation of chips that allow smartphones to connect to 5G in a [...]

19 February 2019

Samsung is gearing up to unveil a spate of new smartphones and wearable gadgets at its Unpacked 2019 event tomorrow [...]

19 February 2019

The pressure on Britain’s high street is intensifying with shopkeepers preparing themselves for yet another [...]

24 January 2019

LG Electronics has said its operating profit for the fourth quarter is likely to drop 80 per cent from the same [...]

8 January 2019

With Apple sales slowing and the share price tumbling, is China to blame? [...]

7 January 2019

This week marks the dawn of CES 2019, an annual trade show held in Las Vegas where startups and tech giants alike [...]

6 January 2019

Christmas is now only a week away, and unsurprisingly gadgets will be taking up a lot of space under the tree, [...]

18 December 2018

UK artificial intelligence chipmaker Graphcore has raised a $200m (£158.1m) series D funding round from BMW [...]

18 December 2018

South Korean prosecutors investigating alleged accounting fraud yesterday raided the offices of Samsung’s biopharma [...]

13 December 2018

Asian stocks were hit had this morning by news of the arrest of the daughter of the founder of Chinese tech firm [...]

6 December 2018

Samsung Electronics has put its faith in its smart voice assistant Bixby, today announcing a pledge to put the [...]

20 November 2018

Electronics giant Samsung gave developers a first look at its foldable smartphone at a conference in San Francisco [...]

7 November 2018

Back in November I looked at tech brand Huawei ahead of its planned expansion in Europe. [...]

25 October 2018

Samsung Electronics is expected to report a record high in quarterly profit on Friday, ahead of a predicted slide [...]

2 October 2018

  Samsung Electronics chairman Lee Sang-hoon has been indicted by South Korean authorities as part of an ongoing [...]

27 September 2018

Commerzbank’s London HQ is set to be sold in a deal worth almost £500m to an undisclosed Asian buyer later [...]

2 September 2018

Whether or not you give two flying toots about virtual and augmented reality, the complex hardware needed to power [...]

16 August 2018

South Korean investors have pumped record levels of cash into London’s commercial property market over the last [...]

12 August 2018

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium looks like the futuristic phone your younger self imagined you’d be using in the [...]

12 July 2018

Lately, HTC phones have been having a bit of an identity overhaul. Having long been the manufacturer of Google’s [...]

7 June 2018

  Glastonbury is looming on the horizon, like a large and pale dancing man silhouetted against a set of dazzling [...]

7 June 2018

Samsung Life Insurance, the South Korean investment manager, is selling the London headquarters of Germany's Commerzbank [...]

5 June 2018

Over 80 UK tech leaders have signed up as supporters of a new business group called Tech For UK that’s calling [...]

25 May 2018

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