John Lewis

Could an independent Scotland pay more than the rest of the UK for its groceries, clothing and white goods?  John [...]

11 September 2014

Heathrow's new Terminal 2 has greeted its first passengers this morning, with the first inbound flight from Chicago [...]

4 June 2014

John Lewis today crowned the five technology startups that have won a place in the retailer’s technology incubator, [...]

27 May 2014

John Lewis will kick-off its search tomorrow for the next big idea to help its stores stay ahead in the digital [...]

19 May 2014

JOHN Lewis’s partners will share a reduced bonus pot equal to 15 per cent of the average staff salary as the [...]

7 March 2014

John Lewis and Waitrose staff will get bonuses worth 15 per cent of their salaries today - from a bonus pool of [...]

6 March 2014

JOHN LEWIS has launched a search for five start-up technology companies to develop new ideas for the retailer [...]

3 March 2014

JOHN LEWIS is set to make cuts to its generous pension scheme, one of the few non-contributory final-salary schemes [...]

31 January 2014

JOHN LEWIS said a rush for roasting tins and carving trays helped drive sales last week up 1.4 per cent on last [...]

16 December 2013

AFTER a warm start to the winter, Christmas shopping began in earnest last week with John Lewis reporting sales [...]

18 November 2013

JOHN Lewis confirmed plans yesterday to open a new store in Shepherd Bush’ s Westfield shopping mall. The new [...]

13 November 2013

WITH just one John Lewis product used in the whole advert – an alarm clock given to a bear by a hare so that [...]

8 November 2013

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