Federal Reserve

Economists aren't impressed by the latest bright idea out of Washington. [...]

14 July 2014

The US Federal Reserve plans to end its program of quantitative easing in October according to minutes released [...]

9 July 2014

Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen yesterday stuck by the US central bank’s loose monetary policy, reiterating [...]

3 July 2014

Asian markets are up after positive comments from both the Federal Reserve and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, with [...]

19 June 2014

THE S&P 500 closed at a new record high last night as US stocks rose in the wake of the Federal Reserve striking [...]

19 June 2014

Fed chair Janet Yellen has suggested that the first US rate hike could come six months after the end of tapering [...]

16 June 2014

A NUMBER of Federal Reserve rate-setters want a further form of forward guidance for the US quantitative easing [...]

22 May 2014

Japanese shares have risen after a solid performance on Wall Street and the Federal Reserve delivered a favourable [...]

1 May 2014

Asian markets switched between gains and losses after earnings reports gave a boost to Wall Street and the Bank [...]

30 April 2014

The minutes from the 16 September 2008 meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee have finally been made public. [...]

21 February 2014

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