Anti-fracking campaigners declared victory today as they gave Britain’s biggest private company Ineos a bloody [...]

3 April 2019

British fracking was dealt another blow today as the government blocked Cuadrilla’s attempts to open a new drilling [...]

12 February 2019

The government has hit back at fracking firms, saying it will not reconsider its policies in what will be seen [...]

7 February 2019

The chief executive of Britain’s first fracker has called on the government to review its limits on earthquakes [...]

6 February 2019

Fracking at the Preston New Road site in Lancashire has been paused by fracking company Cuadrilla for at least [...]

15 December 2018

Fracking was paused at the UK’s only active shale fracking well today as another seismic tremor shook the area. [...]

11 December 2018

Igas hopes to become the second company to frack in the UK as it today begun drilling at an exploratory well in [...]

27 November 2018

The government's commissioner for shale gas yesterday condemned the “narrative of fear around fracking” as [...]

14 November 2018

Natural gas has started to flow from Cuadrilla’s fracking site in Lancashire, the company confirmed this afternoon. [...]

2 November 2018

Cuadrilla has halted fracking at its controversial Lancashire site for 18 hours after recording a red warning [...]

29 October 2018

Not since the debate about nuclear power has an energy issue proven as controversial as fracking. [...]

8 October 2018

British energy firm Cuadrilla Resources started work at its shale gas exploration site near Blackpool in Lancashire [...]

5 January 2017

IGas Energy revealed today it has been granted permission to frack two wells in Nottinghamshire. [...]

15 November 2016

Britain's leading shale gas firm has confirmed plans to raise money from either the equity or debt markets "in [...]

13 November 2016

Shale gas explorer Cuadrilla​ burnt through $10m (£8m) of cash last year and was forced to go cap in hand [...]

30 October 2016

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