Credit Suisse

SNAPCHAT made its money-making intentions clear yesterday with the appointment of a major investment banker from [...]

10 December 2014

Snapchat has made its money-making intentions clear with the hire of a major investment banker from Credit Suisse. [...]

9 December 2014

Lawyers are known for their ferocity inside the courtroom, but rarely do we get to see them bare their teeth outside. [...]

24 November 2014

Personal enrichment and increased job satisfaction are often given as reasons for being both a mentor and mentee. [...]

10 November 2014

The European Commission has come down hard on banks again, fining JP Morgan, UBS and Credit Suisse a combined [...]

21 October 2014

Credit Suisse plunged to a loss in the second quarter after a SFr1.6bn (£1bn) fine for helping US clients evade [...]

23 July 2014

Credit Suisse International (CSI) has been struck with a £2,398,100 fine by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) [...]

16 June 2014

CREDIT Suisse shrugged off Monday’s massive fine from US authorities yesterday, saying that charges of tax evasion [...]

21 May 2014

Shares in Credit Suisse are up 2.4 per cent this morning. [...]

20 May 2014

SWISS bank Credit Suisse pleaded guilty to charges of assisting tax evasion yesterday, when US authorities brought [...]

20 May 2014

PROFITS slumped at Credit Suisse in the first quarter as the bank revealed weak investment banking results yesterday. [...]

17 April 2014

NEW YORK regulators have stepped up their investigation into claims Credit Suisse helped clients evade taxes, [...]

16 April 2014

EMBATTLED Credit Suisse boss Brady Dougan received a 26 per cent pay hike this year, the bank’s annual report [...]

4 April 2014

MORTGAGE and tax litigation costs knocked Credit Suisse’s fourth quarter results, published yesterday, reversing [...]

7 February 2014

FORMER Credit Suisse banker Susan Kilsby will become the second female chairman of a FTSE 100 company, after drug [...]

24 January 2014

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