Shares in online advertising company Blinkx fell by 10.26 per cent yesterday, after swinging to a pre-tax loss [...]

19 May 2015

Falling revenues and losses were not enough to put off investors in the video search and advertising group Blinkx [...]

12 November 2014

VIDEO search and advertising group Blinkx should sell up to a corporate buyer and return cash to share­holders, [...]

2 October 2014

AUTONOMY founder Mike Lynch, who is currently embroiled in a legal tussle with US tech giant HP over allegations [...]

26 September 2014

Embattled video search and advertising group Blinkx yesterday made tentative steps on the road to recovery, despite [...]

16 July 2014

Video search and advertising group Blinkx yesterday shocked investors by warning that its first-half earnings [...]

3 July 2014

BLINKX, the online video advertising firm whose share price plummeted in January on the back of a critical blog [...]

7 May 2014

Harvard professor Ben Edelman’s blog post that claimed Blinkx had links with companies that use “deceptive [...]

6 May 2014

Chief exec Brian Mukherjee tells Oliver Smith that accusations about the tech company’s past are unfounded

1 April 2014

Online video search company Blinkx has seen its shares rise sharply after the company issued a detailed response [...]

31 March 2014

INVESTMENT firm Blackrock has raised its stake in Blinkx, buying another 5.4m shares and raising its total stake [...]

12 February 2014

HARVARD Business School professor Ben Edelman has called on Blinkx, the online video search engine that he claims [...]

10 February 2014

ONLINE video search company Blinkx last night said it was “exploring all options” after it was revealed that [...]

7 February 2014

ONLINE video search company Blinkx started to turn around an otherwise disastrous week yesterday with the announcement [...]

4 February 2014

BLINKX, the online video search company spun out of Mike Lynch’s Autonomy, saw its share price plummet by 30 [...]

31 January 2014

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