A decade ago, it would have been highly unlikely that the average Joe could name a single chief executive at [...]

11 September 2018

Shares in Apple's Asian suppliers have slumped this morning after Donald Trump suggested the iPhone maker should [...]

10 September 2018

Apple is set to announce a whole new slate of products on Wednesday, including updates to the iPhone, iPad, Apple [...]

7 September 2018

Amazon has joined Apple in the ranks of $1 trillion companies based on market capitalisation. [...]

7 September 2018

Apple was given the green light for its planned takeover of popular song-recognition app Shazam by the European [...]

6 September 2018

Mobile payments platform Boku has seen a surge in users and profit after strengthening links with the world's [...]

4 September 2018

The Turkish lira succumbed to a savage slump in August following a doubling of US tariffs on Turkish steel and [...]

4 September 2018

What is the biggest threat to the future of the media: President Donald Trump, or Silicon Valley? [...]

3 September 2018

A test vehicle from Apple's self-driving car programme was involved in a road accident near its Silicon Valley [...]

2 September 2018

People should be taking better care of their iPhones, if billionaire Warren Buffett is to be believed. [...]

31 August 2018

We've all been guilty of being swayed by the hype that surrounds fashionable items. The iPhone X is a perfect [...]

31 August 2018

Apple has quietly acquired Akonia Holographics, a startup that makes super-thin and transparent lenses for augmented [...]

30 August 2018

ITV’s plans to join forces with its fellow public service broadcasters BBC and Channel 4 to combat the growing [...]

29 August 2018

When was the last time you actually bought a DVD or CD? Most likely, you subscribe to a digital streaming service, [...]

29 August 2018

Taxing tech giants for the purpose of levelling the playing field is a monumentally bad idea. Unfortunately, it’s [...]

24 August 2018

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