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Why should you pay for an education in trading?

Online Trading AcademyOnline Trading Academy is a well-known name in training for the FX trader, stock trader or futures trader. Founded in 1997, OTA operates more than 30 worldwide campuses and over 150,000 students have benefited from its trading education. The main UK campus is located near the junction 21 on the M25 and courses are also held at various locations around the UK as well as online.

OTA teaches a patent-pending supply and demand trading strategy in which traders and investors learn to anticipate market turns in advance, in order to identify low-risk, high-potential entry points for their own trades. The training begins with a complimentary orientation and workshop held regularly throughout the UK. A current schedule is available here.  After students develop an understanding of core principles, they proceed to more advanced courses where they can “learn by doing,” making live trades in the market under the guidance of professional traders.

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Online Trading Academy offers a variety of asset class concentrations (FX or Forex is the most popular in the UK) in order to help students work toward their objective of short term income, long term wealth creation, or both. As the education progresses many of the students move on to the eXtended Learning Track, where they share a virtual desktop with a professional trader and get a real-time perspective on the market.

Some traders may wonder about the benefit of trading education, as opposed to learning by trial and error in the marketplace. OTA UK General Manager Georgie Cox calls this the “pay me now or pay me later syndrome". "Through poor trading decisions,” she explains, “the novice can quickly lose much more than the tuition for their trading education. And you’ll still need that formal education at some point to make up for bad habits that have been developed. It’s far better to learn from the best and develop discipline while following best practices.”

OTA’s professionals include a world-class faculty of award-winning specialists who are former market makers, brokers and institutional traders as well as successful traders in their own accounts. The UK Education Director, Sam Evans, is one of the few instructors certified to teach the elite All Asset Mastery XLT. In addition to local traders with expertise in the UK and European markets, Online Trading Academy instructors from other campuses frequently make guest appearances and are always available through online courses and OTA’s many free training aids for its students.

Online Trading AcademyTraders who want to explore the value of day trading training through OTA are invited to register for one of the regular orientation classes, called the Power Trading Workshop. For more information on trading specific asset classes, see OTA’s web resources on online Forex trading, how to trade stocks and how to trade futures.