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Aldi sign
Thursday 24 July 2014
As another CEO falls on his multi-million pound sword this week; the convenient simplification of the problem into pricing and the ram
Larry Page
Thursday 24 July 2014
Shyer staff have different needs, so cut down on background noise.  
Wednesday 23 July 2014
A new book lays bare the pitfalls of complex decision-making.
Tuesday 22 July 2014
Retaining experienced staff is becoming a challenge. With the Prime Minister clearing out older men to promote younger women in the Cabinet reshuffle last week, older employees will no doubt be questioning their position in the workplace.
Chantal Coady
Monday 21 July 2014
Luxury chocolatiers weren’t a common sight in 1983 England. Stalwarts like Thorntons and Prestat were around but, save imports from the continent, it was a market waiting to be tapped. And 24- year old Chantal Coady realised this.
Monday 21 July 2014
Monday 21 July 2014
Summer holidays – a time for rest, relaxation and a regular supply of cocktails on the beach. Unfortunately, the demands of a full-time job have a nasty habit of creeping in.
Friday 18 July 2014
  Find a career mentor and don’t get caught up in the day-to-day  
Thursday 17 July 2014
  We must fire on all cylinders for gender equality to happen.  
Thursday 17 July 2014
  Remember the three Cs and you could see a boost in productivity.  
Wednesday 16 July 2014
It's all too easy to put the words “social media” and “career” together and immediately think “disaster”.
Tuesday 15 July 2014
  You don’t need everyone to be a star player for your business team to be successful.  
Mikkel Svane
Monday 14 July 2014
  Harriet Green talks IPOs, big data and radical taxis with Zendesk’s founder Mikkel Svane.  
Monday 14 July 2014
  ECorner Stanford University’s free resource for entrepreneurs, with over 3,000 podcasts featuring leading businesspeople and experts. There’s also a free app you can download.
CIA seal
Monday 14 July 2014
  Be frugal with adjectives – nouns and verbs do the heavy lifting.  
Friday 11 July 2014
  Profit margins may suffer, but accountability is likely to increase.  
Thursday 10 July 2014
  Take a leaf out of Mozart and Tiger Woods’s book – practice like hell.  
Wednesday 09 July 2014
  Worrying about being seen as a slacker is holding Londoners back.  
Tuesday 08 July 2014
  Start clustering your responses – even relegate your boss.  
Simon Hay
Monday 07 July 2014
  Liam Ward-Proud talks to Dunnhumby chief executive Simon Hay.  
Porto Alegre venue for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
Monday 07 July 2014
Event sponsorship is one of the oldest forms of advertising – when the Olympic games was first revived in Athens in the 1850s, it was at the behest of Albanian businessman and sponsor Evangelis Zappas.
Monday 07 July 2014
What do Batman’s Robin and John Prescott have in common? Julius Caesar is down as having said: “I would rather be first in a small village in Gaul than second in command in Rome”.
Friday 04 July 2014
I’m gutted about Rolf Harris. A budding artist as a kid, I watched Rolf on a regular basis, taking great delight in his incredible talent and bizarre catchphrases.
Steve Jobs
Friday 04 July 2014
Giving fewer answers and keeping an ear to the ground will help you.
Jeff Bezos
Thursday 03 July 2014
  The remarkable success of Amazon’s founder shows the value of always asking “why”.  
Wednesday 02 July 2014
  Knowing your firm’s social networks will help you get things done.  
Tuesday 01 July 2014
Discovering the secrets of your body clock can make a serious difference to efficiency
Ben Banks
Monday 30 June 2014
Peter Spence talks about the powerlifting business with SBD Apparel’s Ben Banks
Monday 30 June 2014
Monday 30 June 2014
Whether you fight your corner or seek to reach a deal, it’s important to know your options.
Friday 27 June 2014
For some, football is more than a game; it’s a matter of life and death. But for me – the Suarez incident aside – the World Cup has lost its bite.
Friday 27 June 2014
  There will always be those tricky situations, but you can set yourself up for success   
Thursday 26 June 2014
  It’s not just about perceptions – make use of “enclothed cognition”   
Wednesday 25 June 2014
Social media has already transformed the way we communicate, and it is now beginning to change the way we work.
Tuesday 24 June 2014
Transforming how you work doesn’t have to be a long, hard slog
Xavier de Lecaros Aquise
Monday 23 June 2014
Harriet Green talks true grit with Girl Meets Dress co-founder Xavier de Lecaros Aquise.
Monday 23 June 2014
It's a truism of entrepreneurship that the road to riches is full of at least as many lows as highs. That’s why many entrepreneurs don’t take the leap until they meet the right partner to jump into business with.
Monday 23 June 2014
  The Smart Entrepreneur: How to Build for a Successful Business Bart Clarysse and Sabrina Kiefer
Stuart Taylor
Monday 23 June 2014
Liam Ward-Proud talks to Kinetic’s UK chief executive Stuart Taylor
Monday 23 June 2014
  Figures from Zenith Optimedia last week forecast that, this year, the UK advertising industry will outstrip Germany’s in size for the first time. Once, this would have been unthinkable.  
Monday 23 June 2014
UK agencies win big at the Cannes Lions
Monday 23 June 2014
Follow the OHIO principle and don’t get sucked into the black hole of perpetual filing
Friday 20 June 2014
As we have observed over the past few years, Spain has become so wounded and damaged, plagued by financial and industrial crisis, 25 per cent unemployment, protest after repeated protest both domestically and in various Spanish enclaves; the once
Friday 20 June 2014
Controlled breathing and finger exercises aren’t the only way to improve your mental state MORE people fear public speaking (56 per cent of us) than being buried alive, according to a 2013 survey of common worries by OnePoll.
Thursday 19 June 2014
Commonplace truisms are often wrong – leaders don’t need bags of charisma