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Monday 24 November 2014
Harriet Green talks Catch-22s and Richard Branson with designer Elizabeth Emanuel
Monday 24 November 2014
GLOBAL Entrepreneurship Week, last week, provided an opportunity to celebrate British enterprise and to assess how we can stimulate new business creation further. The more entrepreneurs we have, the stronger our economy will be.
Monday 24 November 2014
Monday 24 November 2014
Recruiters may be reining in their sharpest practices, but there are tricks to getting noticed.  
Friday 21 November 2014
Companies underestimate the productivity benefits of the practice.  
Thursday 20 November 2014
If firms fail to protect children in the supply chain, they risk harm to their bottom line.  
Thursday 20 November 2014
  Making sure you’ve got a product people will buy still matters.  
Wednesday 19 November 2014
During the industrial age, it made sense, in terms of productivity and output, for employees to be at work for a set number of hours.
Tuesday 18 November 2014
News broke yesterday that  Facebook is set to develop a new version of its social network – for the workplace.
Monday 17 November 2014
Oak and Iron Target: £55,000 for 30 per cent equity The furniture company uses environmentally friendly processes and locally sourced materials. Owner Terry Facey has made furniture for Harrods.
Monday 17 November 2014
Monday 17 November 2014
Don’t jeopardise your position by splurging on that plush hotel room.  
Friday 14 November 2014
Always jumping in with the solution won’t curry favour with staff.  
Thursday 13 November 2014
Behavioural tests are vital to productivity.  
Wednesday 12 November 2014
“Last mover advantage” may be the only way to reach the top.  
Tuesday 11 November 2014
His Q&A last week revealed some unlikely lessons for leaders.  
Monday 10 November 2014
A NEW report from Octopus Investments and the Centre for Economics and Business Research reveals that high growth small businesses (HGSBs) are the driving force behind recent growth in the economy and employment.
Monday 10 November 2014
Personal enrichment and increased job satisfaction are often given as reasons for being both a mentor and mentee. But being either can also have a measurable impact on your career.
Friday 07 November 2014
Playing rugby can help to improve your teamwork skills and demonstrate discipline.  
Thursday 06 November 2014
Cryptic metaphors, analogies and banal facts will help you to blag it.  
Wednesday 05 November 2014
On Stress Awareness Day, Brian Claridge looks at how high-powered businesspeople manage the strain.  
Tuesday 04 November 2014
Ryanair’s boss proves that plain speaking needn’t hold you back.  
Peter Thiel
Monday 03 November 2014
It's not every day that you get to speak to Silicon Valley royalty. And Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, first outside investor in Facebook, fund manager, and leader of multiple firms, is a dynasty heavyweight.   
Monday 03 November 2014
Even the smallest actions can make a huge impression – think carefully before asking questions.  
Friday 31 October 2014
Liam Ward-Proud looks at the workplace gaffes that should keep you awake at night.  
Thursday 30 October 2014
Compelling as they may be, strong leaders can lack humility.  
Wednesday 29 October 2014
The cognitive scientist tells Harriet Green why buzzwords just don’t cut the mustard.  
Tuesday 28 October 2014
The former pop star followed her passion and ignored the critics
Monday 27 October 2014
Budding entrepreneurs will frequently tell you that it’s heartfelt passion driving them to set up a business. But the substance of many highly-successful companies isn’t all that exciting – think chipmakers, paper shredders, kebab boxes. 
Monday 27 October 2014
LAST week was certainly a good one for the London technology scene. The first half saw TechCrunch Disrupt, Silicon Valley’s largest technology event, come to London for the first time.
Monday 27 October 2014
Military history is fertile ground for lessons in leadership.
Friday 24 October 2014
Be careful with bonus entitlements, and try to avoid long periods of notice.  
Thursday 23 October 2014
CORPORATE sponsorship for the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) course has fallen in recent years.
Thursday 23 October 2014
It's not unusual to change your career these days. A 2012 survey by Future Workplace found that 91 per cent of millennials (those born between 1977 and 1997) expect to stay in a job for less than three years.
Thursday 23 October 2014
Remember the look of successful businessmen of the past? With a self-satisfied grin and a greasy face, they’d sit down to enjoy a fine meal, with a swollen gut testing the strength of their belt.
Wednesday 22 October 2014
You can build brand trust by engaging directly with your customers, so don’t be shy.  
Tuesday 21 October 2014
Being the “yes” person and trying to go it alone will get you nowhere.  
Monday 20 October 2014
Online Marketing Masterclass Small business experts Grow are hosting a masterclass on the nine areas of digital marketing you need for online success.  29 October, 2-6pm £97. £45 with the code “cityam”
Monday 20 October 2014
Employers must respect the privacy of employees’ communications, but there are exceptions.  
Friday 17 October 2014
Part analyst, part artist, they’re the future employees that will save you money, says Symantec’s Ian Wood
Thursday 16 October 2014
It is probably breaking with corporate culture to write about a report that hasn’t yet been published.
Thursday 16 October 2014
Infighting can be distracting, but helps keep a company nimble.  
Wednesday 15 October 2014
Keep a close eye on administration and dealing costs
Wednesday 15 October 2014
THE PAST month has been tough for financial markets.
Wednesday 15 October 2014
You can take it in blocks, but it won’t be the best option for everyone.  
Peter Thiel
Tuesday 14 October 2014
Harriet Green explores the tech billionaire’s contentious views on setting up a business.  
Monday 13 October 2014
In Holborn last week, a three year-old London-based company held a party to celebrate reaching £250m of business since its inception. If that doesn’t sound impressive, by the time the event was held, MarketInvoice was already nearing £270m.
EY UK Entrepreneur of the Year awards
Monday 13 October 2014
Entrepreneurs have no lack of recognition in popular culture today: there are movies about icons like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, and Lord Sugar has now uttered “You’re fired” over 120 times on our TV screens.