Will Italy have a government this Thursday?

This Thursday centre-left leader Pier Luigi Bersani is expected to return to President Giorgio Napolitano, having been given a mandate to form an Italian government. Italian politics expert Alberto Nardelli says there are four possible scenarios we could expect:

  1. Bersani has the numbers required.
  2. Bersani doesn’t have the required numbers.
  3. A government sponsored by the President.
  4. No deal on any government is found.

Nardelli says option two is the most interesting:

Napolitano would be inclined at that point not to send Bersani to parliament. Yet, Bersani is likely to insist on his “let parliament assume its responsibilities” mantra and try to push for a vote anyways. The ball in this case would be firmly in Napolitano’s court though. Should the president say no to Bersani, PD will in my opinion struggle to stay united behind a common line - would they at that point support a “president’s government”?; would they push for elections?; and of course the leadership question would at that point be rather loudly voiced.

(Alberto Nardelli)