Whitbread launch new value hotel concept, prioritising quality and location over space

Hotel group Whitbread is launching a new hotel concept, “hub by Premier Inn”, targeting major UK cities like London and Edinburgh. The first will open on St Martin’s Lane, London in summer 2014. In total, five sites (around 1,000 rooms) have been secured, and Whitbread hopes to have around 40 of the new hotels (6,000 rooms) open or in the pipeline by 2018.

The “hub by Premier Inn” concept is designed to focus on quality over space, fitting a folding desk and bed, an en suite bathroom and a 40” screen television into a 11.4 square metre space. The rooms will also have free wi fi.

According to the release, it will be a “compact, city centre hotelwith ingenious, contemporary room design and excellent connectivity that will offer good value for money and appeal to customers who value price, location and design over space”.

It will also be the first hotel in the UK with its own app, allowing visitors to book and check in online, and to pre-select room temperature, light settings, and which TV or radio channel they would like playing on arrival.

The new hotels will have 25 per cent lower building and operating costs than a central London Premier Inn.

Commenting, Whitbread Hotels and Restaurants managing director Patrick Dempsey said:

Premier Inn has played a leading role in shaping the budget hotel market and we believe 'hub' will do the same for a new generation of compact city centre hotels. 'hub' will work in tandem with Premier Inn, appealing to more price sensitive customers seeking quality accommodation in the heart of a city. It will enable us to broaden our customer appeal and further strengthen our competitive edge.