Where did Osborne get his burger? We look at his options

(Source: Twitter)

Since George Osborne Tweeted this picture, we've all been wanting to know where the chancellor gets his burgers. He told ITV's Daybreak that he didn't go for a McDonalds because they don't deliver, instead plumping for a Byron burger.

McDonald's doesn't deliver, I was working late in the office. And I'm partial to a quarter pounder and cheese.

The nearest McDonalds outlet is 0.5 miles away.

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But Byron is even further away (0.6 miles), and doesn't offer delivery (but there is a takeaway menu). Did Byron make an exception, or did Osborne have a Treasury aide pick up a meal? If so, why not send them to the closer McDonalds?

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The Sun reports that the chancellor ordered a burger from even further afield, at Byron Waterloo, a 1.2 mile trip.

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Sadly, we may never know whether Osborne has told a whopper.