What do Apple and gold prices have in common?

Both have declined in a pretty major way recently, and this chart would probably suggest something might be linking them:

(Source: Bloomberg, Business Insider)

Over at Business Insider (where this chart was posted), they have a theory:

For years during the crisis, Apple was basically an asset class of its own (like gold).


So just as there's less need for gold in a world where there's more optimism and less panic, so too is there less need to own Apple.

And so in addition to all of the product stuff, the Apple decline is also about macro-economics and the end of the panic.

It's an interesting theory. We've talked before about gold as being considered a traditionally safe store of value. It's always interesting to speculate as to what things might be considered inflation-safe investments. Perhaps big companies like Apple are going to be one of those vehicles, maybe even replacing gold in performing this function.