Volatility in JGBs sees them halted again

Trade in June japanese government bond (JGB) futures have been temporarily halted. We've seen a string of halts in JGBs since Bank of Japan (BoJ) governor Haruhiko Kuroda announced a package of radical monetary policy measures last week. Now he has said that "it is not appropriate to say that the monetary easing will only last for two years". Our reporter Elizabeth Fournier:

The BoJ last week unleashed the world’s most intense burst of monetary stimulus, pledging to inject about $1.4 trillion (£914.6bn) into the economy in less than two years, marking a radical shift from the previous approach of incremental action.


Kuroda said he was confident the latest measures were enough to achieve the BoJ’s two per cent inflation target in roughly two years, but signalled readiness to keep pumping money aggressively for longer if the target is not achieved by then. “The key is to achieve the two per cent inflation target. We have in mind a timeframe of roughly two years, but we’ll take necessary steps until the target is met,” he said.

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