Thatcher's funeral guests announced - No swords please

Downing Street has provided the names of some of those attending the late Baroness Thatcher's funeral next Wednesday.

St Paul’s has a capacity of 2,300 and is expected to be full on the day. Invitees include:
- All surviving former prime ministers
- All surviving former US Presidents and a Reagan family representative
- Hillary Clinton
- All surviving members of Lady Thatcher’s Cabinets
- The current Cabinet
- The Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition
- President Manuel Barroso
- Sir Bernard and Lady Ingham
- Fredrick Forsyth CBE
- Former Prime Minister Mahathir of Malaysia
- A representative of Nelson Mandela
Some of those attending include:
- Mr & Mrs Michael Portillo
- Tony & Cherie Blair
- F.W. de Klerk
- Dame Shirley Bassey DBE
- Jeremy Clarkson
- Lord and Lady Lloyd Webber
- Lord and Lady Archer
- Lord Powell of Bayswater KCMG OBE
- Lord Carrington
- Prime Minister Harper of Canada
- Former Prime Minister Brian Mulrooney of Canada
As for the dress code:
• Full Day Ceremonial without swords
• Morning Dress (Black Waistcoat and Black Tie) / dark suit
• Day dress with Hat
• Medals and Decorations may be worn