Slovenia takes a hit from Cyprus contagion

There's another small country in the Eurozone with a large banking sector, and it appears to be suffering some contagion from events in Cyprus. Slovenia issued its first bond in 19 months in October and former Prime Minister Janez Jansa has said the country must sell another bond by 6 June, when €907m of 18-month treasury bills mature, to meet its financial obligations.

Standard Bank's Tim Ash:

One way or another things are coming to a head. June is a long way away for these guys now, so they need to do something. It's becoming increasingly likely they are going to have to begin to talk to the IMF and the Troika [about a bailout].

Commerzbank's Christoph Weil:

They will tap the market (in June) but I doubt they will get the money. Now we have long-term interest rates above 6 percent and I would expect above 7 percent the country would ask for help.