Sarkozy makes social media comeback amid calls for him to challenge Hollande in 2017

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy could be setting the stage for a return to politics, a year after he said he would be leaving after becoming the only French president in more than 30 years to win re-election.

Earlier today, Sarkozy met with the leaders of the Union for a Popular Movement party (UMP) after the constitutional court decided not to reimburse the €11m the party spent on election expenses. Polls increasingly show UMP supporters want him to return to challenge Francois Hollande in the 2017 elections, with 67 per cent of UMP supporters polled by CSA wanting him to be the party candidate.

Sarkozy took to Facebook for the first time since March 2012, saying that the court’s decision “endangers a party that must prepare the necessary alternative to Socialism”.

He has also taken to Twitter with his first activity since May 2012. His first tweet said that this was not “ma rentrée politique” (my political comeback), but went on to say that someone who has had the honour of representing France for five years has a duty to take responsibility.

This is not my political comeback. The day I come back will be to address the people of France.

We talk about economic crisis, financial crisis, political crisis... It is the crisis of political ideas that concerns me more.

French newspaper Le Monde has published an article on Sarkozy's possible return.

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